Lunar sowing calendar of planting of the gardener and gardener for september 2020

For many, the end of summer is associated with harvesting. There is a feeling that the summer season has come to an end, and the time has come for rest. September is the month when pre-planned transplants or pre-winter plantings of some crops are made. In order to choose the right dates for work, gardeners and vegetable gardens use the lunar calendar for September 2020.

Moon phases in september 2020

The lunar body makes a set move every month. During this time, the state of the moon is gradually changing. It consists of 4 successive phases:

  1. New Moon, which falls on September 28th. This is a state that is characterized by the presence of a star on a straight line between the Sun and the Earth. With the New Moon, the star is not visible in the sky.
  2. Full moon that occurs on September 14th. The luminary at the onset of the Full Moon becomes fully illuminated.
  3. The growth of the star continues from September 1 to 13. This period is divided into 2 quarters. The first quarter is marked by the appearance of a narrow strip of a new star, by the second quarter it acquires its full shape.
  4. The decay of the star lasts from 15 to 27. During this time, the disk turns from full into a narrow strip.

The influence of the moon phase on planting

According to the collected research data, the cyclicity of the moon is closely related to the development of plants. The phases correspond to certain periods:

  • intensive growth, as well as the development of the aboveground part of plants, is observed during the Growing Moon;
  • increase, further active development of tubers or root part coincides with the waning of the moon;
  • with a Full Moon or New Moon, a slowdown in growth is observed.

Cyclicity is taken into account when carrying out scheduled work. The days when a new or full moon appears are used to give the plants a rest, these periods are called rest periods.

Zodiac signs in September

In September, the New Moon falls on the period of the dominance of the sign of Virgo. The full moon falls during the dominance of the sign of Pisces. The periods of growth and decline fall on the rest of the zodiac signs.

gardener's calendar

Lunar seeding and landing calendar by days for September 2020

Gardeners and gardeners are guided by the information systematized by the lunar planting and sowing calendar. From it, you can determine the most suitable dates for planting, as well as days when it is not recommended to replant adult crops or sow seeds.


Suitable numbers when sowing greenhouses with seeds of radish, Chinese cabbage, sowing lettuce are different from the dates that are intended for planting perennial flowers or shrubs.

Type of cultureDates
Vegetable crops3, 4, 11, 13, 23, 22
Flowers and ornamental plants1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 30
Berry bushes1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 13, 22, 23, 24, 30

Unfavorable periods

The periods of rest or rest are the numbers on which the New Moon and the Full Moon fall, as well as a few days after them: 14,27,28,29.

landing dates

When to replant plants in September

For transplanting shrubs, perennial plants, periods are used when the lunar star enters an active stage of growth. This period of time falls on the first half of September. The soil remains warm and susceptible to cultivation, before the onset of frost, the plants have time to fully adapt and take down new roots.

Information! In the first week of September, it is customary to divide and transplant perennial plants to a new place.

hint for the gardener

What work to carry out this month

September is suitable for a certain type of work. The air remains warm, the earth can be dug freely during the day, but a little frost begins to appear at night, dew falls in the morning.

Dry, clear days are suitable for disinfection of storage rooms for crops and vegetable preparations. Basements or cellars are ventilated and treated with special means. Harvested medicinal plants are dried under sheds and vegetables are prepared for further storage.

Particular attention is paid to the preparation of compost, which is left in the pits for further maturation. For this, the cut grass is laid on the prepared layer. At the onset of frost, the compote is covered with foil and boards.

drip earth

The beginning of the month is suitable for the first stage of autumn fertilization. Mineral compositions with a high content of phosphorus and potassium are introduced, which will saturate the soil and make it more fertile for spring planting.

In the garden

In the gardens, preparatory work is carried out, as well as transplant activities are carried out:

  • preparing pits for transplanting;
  • pruning dry branches;
  • remove the regrown mustache of strawberries or remontant strawberries;
  • transplanting berry bushes;
  • fertilizing berry bushes with mineral fertilizers;
  • treat bushes from pests or diseases.

Information! Gardening work on transplantation, which accompanies the reproduction of perennial conifers, is carried out in the second half of September.

preparing pits

In the garden

Garden work includes harvesting. This applies to late varieties of crops that were planted in the second half of the summer. Carrots, beets, onions, and tomatoes are harvested for further harvesting. In September, they traditionally plan to collect and sort seed potatoes for spring planting. Onions are dug out before the rains to dry the bulbs in dry, clear weather.

After harvesting, work is carried out on the site:

  • land cultivation, taking into account pre-winter crops;
  • sowing green manure;
  • plowing;
  • digging the earth;
  • fertilization of the land plot with compost for spring ripening;
  • carrying out activities for the cultivation of land in order to destroy pests that go deep into the soil for wintering.

plowing the land

In the greenhouse

Greenhouse plantings will allow you to collect a small crop after the onset of autumn frosts. Greens, cabbage, some types of vegetables are planted under the film.

Greenhouse conditions are suitable for planting celery, lettuce, parsley, basil. They choose early ripening varieties that manage to grow until the second half of October.

Reference! By the end of September, they plan to transplant chard, pepper, and bush parsley for growing on the windowsill.

After harvesting the crops, the greenhouses are treated with prepared compounds to protect against the reproduction of pests and the appearance of mold.By the end of the month, the greenhouses are warmed up, the cracks found are closed.

grow land

Features of agricultural work in different areas

The work carried out depends not only on the periods indicated by the lunar calendar, but also on the characteristics of the climatic zone:

  1. In the northern regions, harvesting is planned for the first week of September. The preparation of the site is carried out during the first half of the month in order to exclude the effect of low temperatures on crops.
  2. The Krasnodar Territory and the adjacent southern territories are characterized by high air temperatures during the day, which persist throughout September, so the work on harvesting and preparing the site is postponed to the second half of the month.

It is customary to do pre-winter watering in autumn. This is the last earth wetting event. The incoming moisture will be the only source for the crops planted for the winter. This procedure is planned depending on the temperature indicators of the region. If the territory is characterized by lower temperatures in the second half of the month, then pre-winter watering is planned earlier.

work in the fall

Information! For the Krasnodar Territory and the adjacent southern territories, pre-winter watering is postponed to October, since the air temperature remains high until the end of the month.

Tips for gardeners

Transplants and measures for processing the site are performed in accordance with the influences of the cycles of the moon. This promotes the intensive growth of the planted plants and also guarantees a speedy adaptation for transplanted shrubs or perennial flower crops.

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