Favorable and unfavorable days in April for planting according to the lunar calendar of 2020

Many vegetable growers and gardeners use the gardener's lunar calendar for April 2020. It helps people determine the optimal time to plant many vegetables and fruits, as well as choose a day to water and feed already planted plants.

Influence of the moon phase on planting

Some people argue that the lunar phases do not affect the planting in any way, but this is not the case. In April this year, they affect not only the aerial part of the seedlings, but also their root system. Planting seed on a particular lunar day can improve the fruiting of seedlings, as well as accelerate their development at times.

In the twenties of April, planting, loosening the soil and weeding must be abandoned, as this negatively affects the health of the seedlings. During this period, plants are susceptible to infection with diseases that lead to the development of rotting of rhizomes. Therefore, in order to collect a lot of ripe fruits, you must familiarize yourself in advance with the lunar sowing calendar, which indicates all favorable and unfavorable dates.

Moon phase in april 2020

It is no secret that the phases of the moon can negatively or positively affect the development and growth of most plants. To properly take advantage of their influence, you need to familiarize yourself with the lunar phases for April of this year. There are four phases:

  • New moon. The most inappropriate time for planting vegetables. All seedlings planted during the new moon do not take root well on the site and grow slowly. The duration of the new moon is only three days, and it begins on the 5th.
  • Waxing Crescent. It is necessary to carry out garden work during the growing moon. At this time, all flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits absorb lunar energy, which contributes to their further development. This phase starts on April 8th and lasts until the 18th.
  • Full moon. The full moon period is also considered an unfavorable time for planting seeds or replanting germinated seedlings. On a full moon, you can only do feeding, weeding and spraying the plants. The full moon begins on April 19 and lasts one day.
  • Waning moon. On such days, it is recommended to grow root crops and bulbous seedlings, since due to the waning moon, all the energy will be directed downward. The phase starts on the 20th and ends ten days later.

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Zodiac finding of the moon in April 2020

To determine favorable and unfavorable days for planting vegetables, you will have to deal with the zodiacal position of the moon.

Favorable landing days

There are several zodiac signs that contribute to the development and productivity of planted plants. The fertile zodiac signs in which the moon may be located include the following:

  • Calf. A fertile feminine sign that activates on the 7th and 8th.
  • Cancer. It is considered the most prolific sign, valid from April 11th to 12th.
  • Scorpio. Moon in Scorpio promotes the growth of many vegetables. The zodiac finding begins on the 20th and ends the next day.
  • Capricorn. An earthly female sign, in which the moon phase enters from the 24th to the 26th.

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Unfavorable days

Barren signs include:

  • Aries. When the Moon is in Aries, you cannot plant trees, vegetables and fruits. Therefore, it is contraindicated to plant on April 4 and 6.
  • Twins. Air male sign, which takes place on the 9th and 10th.
  • Virgo. The zodiac presence in Virgo begins on the 16th and ends in a day.

What to plant in April according to the lunar calendar?

Many are interested in what to plant in April according to the lunar sowing calendar. There are several crops that experienced gardeners advise to plant in mid-spring. These include:

  1. Legumes. In April, gardeners can safely plant beans with peas. Greenhouse owners and greenhouse structures can plant beans. In the open field, it is better to plant it a little later - in mid-May.
  2. Brussels sprouts. This plant has a long growing season and therefore is planted no later than 8-10 days.
  3. White cabbage. For early spring planting, early white cabbage varieties are used.
  4. Potatoes. Many gardeners in the first half of April plant potatoes in the garden. Before this, all planting material is heated and treated with stimulants.

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Seasonal April work in the garden and in the garden

Most often, work in the garden and garden begins in April, since it is in this month that winter frosts end and you can start planting plants.

First, the vegetable garden and garden are cleared of plant residues or weeds that could remain on the site from the last season.

They must be burned, as they may contain causative agents of fungal diseases. After that, the soil must be fertilized and saturated with nutrients. For feeding, organic matter and mineral fertilizers are used, which contain nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

For trees and shrubs

Some people are engaged in planting shrubs and trees in April. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with how to properly plant such plants.

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Bushes and trees are planted on favorable planting dates in April. At the same time, they use strong seedlings, which have a formed root system. First, a small ditch is made on the site, into which the seedlings are placed in an upright position. Then they are sprinkled with soil and tamped. To make the plants start faster, they are immediately watered with heated water.


They are engaged in pruning trees and shrubs in the second half of April, when the air warms up to 8-10 degrees Celsius. Experts advise pruning dead or broken twigs that will never bear fruit. You also need to get rid of branches that are affected by diseases. For pruning, use a regular pruner or garden saw.

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Vaccination must be carried out in the summer, in the first half of June. For this, the stock with the scion is moistened in a stimulator. After connecting to the stock, the graft is wrapped with cling film or electrical tape. It is removed from the plant after a month and a half.

Disease and pest control

It is no secret that many planted crops can get sick with dangerous ailments. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the features of pest and disease control at different stages of cultivation.

seedling care

Seedling care

To prevent young seedlings from becoming infected with viral or fungal pathologies, it is necessary to periodically spray it with biological preparations.

Also, the seedlings should be well lit and regularly watered with heated water.

Growing seedlings

In the process of growing seedlings, you need to make sure that she always receives the right amount of dressing. 2-3 times a week, the pots are fed with organic and mineral compounds. If this is not done, the seedlings will weaken and will hurt more often.

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Planting vegetables in the ground

Before replanting seedlings to a permanent growing place, all beds are sprayed with fungicidal agents and watered with boiled water, which destroys pathogens of fungal diseases.

Soil and fertilizers

To prevent planted plants from dying due to insect attacks or diseases, it is necessary to periodically fertilize the site. The immunity of the seedlings can be improved by feeding them with magnesium, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus.

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Florist calendar for April

Most growers start gardening in April.

Sowing and planting flowers in April

In the early days of the month, you can start planting flowers. Before this, a flower garden is prepared and cleaned of dirt and weeds. Then the soil is dug up in the flowerbed and fertilizers are added, which normalize its acidity level.

Reproduction of flowers in April

In the second month of spring, you can breed the following flowers:

  • the end of the month is considered a favorable period for the reproduction of phlox shoots;
  • the first half of April is suitable for dividing and planting lupine bushes;
  • on the twentieth, cuttings of petunias are collected and planted.

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Signs of a gardener and gardener for April 2020

There are several signs that are popular among gardeners:

  • warm rains at the end of the month indicate a good harvest;
  • cold wind on Eutychia - to poor fruiting of spring crops;
  • cloudy April - for a rainy summer.


People who plan to plant plants in April should familiarize themselves with the lunar calendar for this month. With it, you can find out the best days to work in the garden and garden.

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