Favorable days for planting cucumbers according to the lunar calendar in May 2020

Summer residents usually determine the best days for planting cucumbers in the garden by the favorable location of the moon. This has been done for a long time. Those who know how important it is to plant, feed, weed, water according to the lunar calendar, do it strictly every year. Some novice gardeners do not follow the rules for sowing cucumbers. And they often sow incorrectly.

It is important for us to find out what will be favorable days for planting cucumbers in 2020. To do this, it is worth studying how the moon affects the growth of seedlings, why nothing can be done in the garden during the full moon, eclipse and new moon. Those who follow simple planting rules usually have a bountiful harvest and tasty fruits.

About the lunar calendar

Since the days of antiquity, gardeners have become accustomed to working on the ground according to the lunar calendar. It is believed that it is its location and activity that affects the harvest. Each year a new calendar is drawn up for planting and caring for crops.

One phase of the moon replaces another, this greatly affects the ovary, nutritional distribution, flowering and growth of vegetables. The moon often affects the well-being of people, as well as many plants. If the planting is done incorrectly, then most likely it will not be possible to achieve a good harvest, something will go wrong.

In the northern regions, seedlings are usually planted in the garden in May. To find out what number you need to plant cucumbers so that they give good tasty fruits, you need to study the lunar cycles.

When the moon is rising, it is recommended to take care of the lower part of the stem, the roots. If the moon is waning, then on the contrary, feeding is carried out at the top. Spraying, watering, top dressing can be carried out. Transplantation to the waning moon cannot be done. You can figure out the days for specific care if you buy a moon calendar. It describes in detail when it is better to plant cucumbers, at what time to feed and water them.

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The influence of the moon on the planting of cucumbers

Planting cucumbers according to the lunar calendar is quite simple. The calendar is purchased at the beginning of each year. The moon noticeably influences many processes in the development of these capricious vegetables. Even in ancient times, the influence of the moon on plant growth was noted. The most important thing is to follow the given calendar exactly. And in no case sow on the days of the full moon, or days close to it.

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The phases of the moon have a strong influence on the planting of cucumbers in the ground. The first and second phases are called the full moon and new moon. Here is the peak of active growth of cucumbers, the development of the root system, the stem. Then comes the third phase, where the root grows actively. And in the fourth - the development of the outer part. It is best to plant seedlings when one phase of the moon smoothly turns into the second.

If you are late with planting cucumbers, then you should not expect a bountiful harvest. If the planting is too early, then the seedlings will hurt, the leaves will quickly fade. You need to plant on time, and according to the lunar calendar.

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When to sow cucumbers next year

Favorable days for sowing cucumbers should be studied according to the calendar of the lunar phases. This is a very effective technique. After all, even if you sow the highest quality and most expensive seeds of elite varieties in the wrong phase of the moon, then you should not expect a high-quality harvest. If you sow too early, the seedlings will already be ready for planting in the ground, and the soil is not yet prepared for plant growth, since the ground is not yet warmed up, and the lunar influence is very strong.

It is necessary to sow cucumbers on the day that is the best according to the calendar for this action. Then the seedlings will grow strong, tall and the fruits will be tasty and healthy. This will be the number when the seeds were soaked and planted in the ground.

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This number should be calculated carefully, otherwise it will be impossible to correct it. Good months for cucumbers, or rather their sowing, are March and April. They are planted at home in special containers. In March, according to the calendar, these will be days for sowing cucumber seeds from 19 to 24, as well as 27 and 28. And in April you can sow from 5 to 9, as well as from 20 to 24.

Pay close attention to the dates of sowing seeds. Because the quality of the crop depends on it.

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When to plant cucumbers in open ground and a greenhouse

Planting days also depend not only on the lunar phases, but also on the weather conditions of the region, as well as on the variety of seeds, on their characteristics. If the ground is poorly warmed up, it is still frosty at night or it snows, then you can postpone the planting to a more favorable time. The earth should warm up to 13 degrees at a depth of 10 cm, and the air - up to 16 degrees. Otherwise, the seedlings will freeze and die.

It is also important to take into account the planting time, that is, the days when it is best to plant in the evening, and vice versa, some days have only morning hours favorable for planting. Therefore, the date 05.2020 must be selected accurately and take into account the time of day. Planting cucumbers in open ground should be done a little later than planting in greenhouses. It is necessary to wait until the earth warms up to the desired temperature.

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The most successful numbers for planting cucumbers according to the data studied in May 2020 are 18, 24-28. And in June - from 14 to 15, and from 21 to 22. These days, you can plant seedlings in greenhouses or in open ground with seeds. Early ripening varieties that love warmth can be planted in June. Then they will take root perfectly and give a bountiful harvest at the end of summer.

Watering and feeding the first time is recommended before planting, and about 10 days after.

To improve the quality of the crop, it is very important to plant only in fertile, pre-prepared soil, water it well, loosen it, and spray it from harmful insects. Care also affects the seedlings.

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Unfavorable days for planting and leaving

While cultivating cucumbers, it is also worth remembering about unfavorable lunar days, that is, about those days when you should not sow and plant plants. Otherwise, they will not bear healthy fruits, they will get sick and die. If you cannot plant cucumbers on the right date, then you should plant them on any other, just avoid dates that will adversely affect the yield.

unfavorable days

Unfavorable days:

March - from 8 to 13, from 14 to 17.

April - from 4 to 6, from 14 to 16.

May - 2-3, 7-8, 15.

These days should be strictly feared, since the moon strongly affects the growth and development of cultures.

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After examining the favorable days in May 2020 for planting cucumbers, you can create a sowing calendar. If you adhere to this technique, then you can get a bountiful harvest. It is very convenient to use the lunar calendar to care for crops. This is a good opportunity to increase the yield on the site.

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