Lunar planting calendar for the gardener for june 2020

Compliance with the recommendations of the lunar sowing calendar for June 2020 helps to achieve excellent results in growing plants. When carrying out gardening and gardening work, taking into account the phase of the moon, it is possible to get stronger and more viable crops. Thanks to this, the yield parameters increase significantly, the crops are less sick and practically do not encounter pest attacks.

The value of the lunar calendar for summer residents

The phases of the moon affect the root system and the ground part of plants. Planting operations on specific days of the lunar cycle helps to increase germination parameters, accelerate growth processes, and improve fruit development.

However, there are days on which it is better to refrain from planting, watering or loosening. Violation of this recommendation provokes damage to crops, slows down their development or provokes processes of decay in the root system.

To get a good harvest in 2020, you should focus on the lunar sowing calendar. It is especially important to take into account his recommendations when planting perennials and seedlings.

It is best to carry out such work with a growing moon. It is advisable to perform them before the full moon. With the arrival of the new moon, such actions will have to be abandoned.

Crops that have been planted before the full moon grow well.

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The influence of the moon phase on planting

There are several phases of the moon, on which the landing dates depend:

  1. New Moon is the most unfavorable moment for gardening and gardening. At this point, it is forbidden to carry out planting work or transplant plants. The bad period lasts only 3 days.
  2. The growing moon - it increases by itself and directs energy upward. This is the perfect time to work with crops that are above the ground. These include vegetables and fruits. This category also includes flowers and greenery. Plants can be planted, grafted and other work done.
  3. Full moon - at this moment it is forbidden to plant vegetables, trees, bushes. This moment lasts only 1 day. In this case, it is allowed to weed the beds, apply fertilizers, and carry out treatments from harmful insects.
  4. Waning Moon - energy flows downward. Therefore, it is recommended to care for bulbous crops and root crops.

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Moon phases in June

There are several phases of the moon. In 2020, they start at the following time periods:

  1. New Moon - 3.06.
  2. First quarter - 10.06.
  3. Full Moon - 17.06.
  4. Third quarter - 25.06.

moon phase

Moon in the signs of the zodiac in June

When carrying out planting work, you can be guided by what sign of the zodiac the moon is at this moment:

  1. Taurus - from May 31 to 2.06. 1.06 you can plant head lettuce and radish. It is allowed to dig up early potatoes and bulbous plants. 2.06 it is not recommended to work with plants.
  2. Gemini - June 2-4. At this time, the new moon comes. Therefore, working with plants is not recommended.
  3. Cancer - June 4-6. 4.06 garden work is prohibited. 5-6.06 you can plant pumpkin crops, all types of cabbage, beans, peas, greens. It is also allowed to plant green manure, apply mineral fertilizers, take care of plants.
  4. Leo - June 6-9. During this period, you can collect seeds, harvest hay, take care of crops.
  5. Virgo - June 9-11 9.06 you can transplant strawberry whiskers, cut plants, move perennials to a new place. It is also permissible to carry out formative pruning of ornamental crops. June 10, the moon goes into the second quarter, therefore planting work is prohibited.
  6. Libra - June 11-13. At this time, you can plant beans, legumes, cucumbers. They also plant siderates, cut plants, carry out formative pruning and care for crops.
  7. Scorpio - June 13-15. During this period, it is allowed to transplant cucumbers and zucchini. You can also plant sorrel, beans, cabbage, greens, green manure. It is allowed to water plants, apply mineral fertilizers, mulch the soil.
  8. Sagittarius - June 15-17. On the 16-17th, the full moon is observed, therefore planting work is not carried out. On June 15, you can plant onions, red cabbage, collect seeds.
  9. Capricorn - June 17-20. During this period, there is a full moon, therefore it is not recommended to plant plants. 19.06 you can plant rutabagas and radishes, dig up bulbous plants, water crops and apply organic fertilizers.
  10. Aquarius - June 20-22. At this time, you can take care of the garden, carry out treatment for diseases and insects, cut ornamental shrubs.
  11. Pisces - June 22-25. During this time, it is recommended to lay compost, water the plants and apply organic fertilizers.
  12. Aries - June 25-27. 06.25 The moon goes into the fourth quarter. At this moment, planting work should not be carried out. On the 26th-27th, you can dig up early potatoes, spray plants, harvest hay.
  13. Taurus - June 27-30. During this time, the early potatoes and bulbous plants should be dug up after flowering. You should also take care of the garden - watering, applying organic fertilizers, removing weeds.

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Gardener lunar calendar for June 2020

In 2020, there are a number of good and bad days for gardening.

Auspicious days in June

To choose the best days for caring for crops, you should read the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

For sowing and planting flowers and indoor plants

Planting work can be carried out on such days in June:

  • annual flower seeds are planted 10-17;
  • seeds of biennial crops and perennials are planted 10-17;
  • indoor flowers and greenhouse crops are planted at 10-17;
  • bulbous crops and tubers are planted 1 and 24-29.

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For sowing and planting vegetable crops

When planting vegetables, you should choose the following June dates for different crops:

  • tomatoes, physalis - 10-17;
  • melon, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumbers, watermelon - 10-17;
  • pepper, eggplant - 10-17;
  • all types of cabbage - 10-17;
  • greens - 1 and 24-29;
  • onions - 1 and 24-29;
  • potatoes - 1 and 24-29.

For planting berry bushes

Berry crops such as strawberries, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, currants should be planted on 10-17.06.

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For planting and caring for trees and shrubs

Planting and caring for fruit trees such as apple, sweet cherry, cherry, plum, pear costs 10-17.06.

Banned days for planting and leaving in June 2020

At the same time, there are also unsuccessful days for planting:

  • 06 - new moon;
  • 06 - full moon.

Features of agricultural work in different regions

The lunar calendar is versatile.It does not depend on the location of the site. However, novice gardeners should be sure to carefully consider the choice of crop varieties for growing. This must be done taking into account the climatic characteristics of the region and the necessary agrotechnical measures.

Heat-loving crops should be planted in the soil at a time that coincides with their needs. It is not recommended to carry out planting work earlier, despite the advice of the lunar calendar.

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Folk signs of a gardener in June

There are many folk signs:

  1. Frequent lightning promises a rich harvest.
  2. If rowan blossoms profusely on Elena Lenoseyka, which falls on 3.06, a good harvest of flax can be expected. If the weather is rainy on this day, then the autumn will be the same.
  3. If there are a lot of cones on the fir trees, you should expect a bountiful harvest of cucumbers.
  4. Warm nights promise an abundance of fruit.
  5. If it rains warmly, you should expect a good harvest.

Compliance with the recommendations of the lunar sowing calendar allows you to grow strong and viable crops and get a good harvest. In this case, it is worth considering the characteristics of the plants themselves.

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