Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Pink solution

Mid-early tomato Pink Solution comes from Holland. Like all Dutch hybrids, it is harvestable, resistant to most diseases, and has excellent taste.

Detailed description of the plant

Tomato Pink Solution F1 is a Dutch breeding hybrid, indeterminate by the type of growth, therefore, like all plants of this group, it has a bush height of more than 1.5 m.In terms of fruit ripening, the hybrid is included in the group of mid-early tomatoes, the fruits begin to sing 70 days after the appearance of the first shoots.

tomato seeds pink solution

The variety description given by the manufacturer guarantees the declared yield and other characteristics only when growing tomatoes in a greenhouse. Plants of this variety grown outdoors may not match this description. According to the manufacturer's recommendation, the bushes need to be tied to a solid support, pinned, formed bushes into 1 stem.

The hybrid is resistant to a number of tomato diseases (fusarium, TMV), adapts well to stressful conditions. The plant forms heart-shaped fruits with a slight ribbing in the area of ​​the stalk, uniform in shape and size.

Large fruits weigh 250 g, the average weight of fruits for the entire growing season is 200 g. Fruit cluster can consist of 3 or 5 fruits. The color of the skin and pulp is pink. The pulp is juicy, fleshy, aromatic, and corresponds to its salad purpose. Fruit taste is seasoned, harmonious, ideal for light vitamin salads.

tomato bushes pink solution

Gardeners' opinion

It is quite difficult to find extended reviews on the Pink Solution tomato on the Internet. For the most part, summer residents are limited to the characteristics of the taste of the fruits of this hybrid. It is difficult to call their opinions unequivocal. For some, the taste is excellent, for others, sour. Apparently, in order to find out the truth, you need to plant Pink Solution yourself and evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages.

Alina, Volgograd

I like to experiment with varieties, every year I try up to ten new hybrids and varieties. I don’t forget the Dutch selection, today I have planted several bushes of the Pink Solution hybrid. Usually the Dutch were raised for curling, and these were eaten in salads. We sang early, together, the taste is quite suitable for summer salads. I recommend the hybrid to lovers of pink tomatoes.

Tatiana, Kemerovo

I tried Pink Solution, planted a few bushes. I didn't get any pleasure from the taste. Although the hybrid is fruitful, I will not plant it again. I love sweeter pink tomatoes, these seemed sour to me.

appearance of tomato pink solution

Recommendations for sowing seeds for seedlings

The standard time for sowing seeds for seedlings is early-mid-March, it can be shifted to one side or the other.The exact time depends on when the plants are transplanted into the greenhouse. Before sowing tomato seeds in the ground, soak in a stimulant solution.

Prepare the soil from the same parts of humus and garden soil, if the soil in the garden is clayey (heavy), add a small amount of sand. The seeds are sown in boxes, covered with a layer of earth up to 2 cm thick, the boxes are covered with a film, which is removed only after the sprouts are pecked.

Carry out picking of seedlings (phase of 2 leaves) in separate containers with a volume of 350-500 ml. Before transplanting into the greenhouse, feed the seedlings with any complex fertilizer for tomatoes. Regularly monitor the soil moisture, if necessary, water with settled water.

tomato pink solution in the open field

Tips for growing a pink-fruited hybrid

A well-fertilized, moist soil is suitable for good development of the Dutch rose-fruited hybrid. Here are a few rules, following which, you can grow a good harvest of beautiful pink fruits:

  • do not thicken the planting, the distance between the bushes is 50 cm or more;
  • to obtain a good taste of pink fruits, evenly carry out abundant watering and feeding;
  • feeding is especially important after planting tomatoes in a permanent place, at the beginning of flowering, at the initial stage of ovary formation;
  • do not flood the planting of tomatoes if the soil is allowed to dry out, the drought has been long: restore soil moisture gradually, this will help to avoid cracking of the fruits;
  • the hybrid needs light to develop, plant it in non-shaded areas;
  • bushes need to be tied up regularly;
  • keep the bushes in good shape - remove stepchildren;
  • loosening row spacings is a mandatory procedure after each watering;
  • do not give up preventive measures that protect against late blight and apical rot, pink tomatoes are less resistant to fungal infection than varieties (hybrids) with red fruits;
  • for better ripening of fruits, the number of brushes can be normalized, leaving no more than 8 pieces.

appearance of tomatoes Pink solution

Disease prevention and treatment

Preventive measures in the greenhouse are needed, despite the resistance of Dutch hybrids to a number of diseases. By maintaining a normal level of humidity in the greenhouse, you can avoid most diseases of fungal origin.

For this, the greenhouse must be equipped with convenient air vents. It is easy to avoid condensation on the walls of the greenhouse at night and in the morning. It is worth abandoning evening watering, watering only early in the morning. Mulch on beds of hay and straw reduces air humidity, but retains moisture in the soil and serves as a good protection against late blight. Treat the plants with a fungicide (Fitosporin) if it was not possible to avoid infection with the fungus.

A high-yielding hybrid, with pink fruits, with proper care, it will show itself perfectly, will become a regular in your tomato collection. Do not lag behind summer residents who successfully grow Dutch hybrids in their greenhouses.

tomato pink solution in hand

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