Description and characteristics of the Pink Lady tomato variety

Tomato Pink Lady is a delicate, rich pink variety. Dutch breeders have taken care of high germination, resistance to various diseases and the ability to resist pests. The tomato yield is high, and the hybrid bushes grow much better in a greenhouse. If the growing climate is warm, then you can think about growing the variety in the open field.

Description of the variety

Pink Lady is classified as an indeterminate variety. The bushes reach a height of 2 meters. In the presence of favorable climatic conditions, tomato growth can become quite strong. This negatively affects the yield of the crop, the indicator of which is significantly reduced. The bush needs pinching; when forming, it is necessary to leave 2 stems. The garter is mandatory, because the plant of this variety is very tall.

Ripening of the first fruits begins in the last decade of June. The ripening period of the variety is from 90 to 100 days. The ideal conditions for Pink Lady tomato are growing in a greenhouse in a region whose climate is not very hot. In the south, the culture grows well and in open field conditions. If the fruits do not have time to ripen, then they can "reach". This fact will not in any way affect the taste and aroma of this tomato variety.

Description of fruits

The fruits of Pink Lady tomato variety are formed by clusters, each of which contains 6 - 8 tomatoes. Each individual fruit gains a mass of 230 to 290 grams. Thus, the entire bunch can reach a weight of 1.5 kg.

The yield is very high. The number of bushes growing on 1 square meter of land can give up to 25 kilograms of tomatoes, the shape of which is flat-rounded, and the color is pink.

Description and characteristics of the Pink Lady tomato variety

The description describes the juicy pulp of Pink Lady f1 tomato as “very sweet and tasty”. The dense skin perfectly resists attempts by various external stimuli to damage the integrity of the specimen. Thanks to her, the transportation of tomatoes goes very well. The fruits can be stored for a long time.

Tomatoes are high in beta-carotene. The acidity level is low, making these tomatoes an excellent option for forming a children's diet. In salads, vegetable dishes and sandwiches, the use of sweet juicy fruits is very appropriate.


Pink Lady f1 has a number of significant advantages over representatives of other varieties:

  • smooth, beautiful, regular shape of the fruit;
  • the average weight of tomatoes is 250 grams;
  • pleasant, delicate, delicate taste;
  • total 6 chambers with seeds;
  • a lot of beta-carotene and sugars;
  • dense skin that prevents cracking.

dignity of the variety

Pink Lady tomatoes are a salad type of tomato that has received numerous positive reviews. They are ideal in appetizers, soups, juices and various sauces. They are also suitable for organizing meals for children, for example, in kindergartens and schools.

The following advantages of the variety can be called:

  • short growing season;
  • disease resistance: gray spot, apical rot, stem cancer;
  • good combination with other vegetables in various dishes.

Pink Lady has practically no flaws. One has only to mention a fact that will take some time in the growing process.

It is about the constant tying and the requirements of the variety for pinching. There should be no extra layers on the bushes.

How to raise a pink lady

The cultivation of tomatoes of the described variety is carried out by sowing seed material for seedlings.

Preparing seeds for planting

The seeds of this variety have one clear difference: they do not need to be disinfected before planting. To start growing, it is enough to soak them in a growth stimulator. This should be done in regions with a warm climate in late February - early March. If we are talking about colder regions of the country, it is advisable to plant seeds for seedlings in the last decade of March. This applies to Siberia, the Urals, and all other regions where summers are short and not hot.

You can make the soil for planting yourself, or you can purchase a ready-made version. The best choice is an earthen mixture, the acidity of which is quite low. You can bring land from your summer cottage by borrowing it from cabbage, cucumber, carrot beds.

It is imperative to decontaminate the brought land. The best and most traditional remedy is a solution of potassium permanganate. You can mix suburban soil with peat, ash and humus.

Growing features

For seedlings, Pink Lady seeds should be planted at the end of February. Soil that is neutral in acidity will work best. It is good to mix ordinary earth with humus to achieve this indicator, you can add a little ash.

The resulting soil must be laid out in containers, in which the tomato seeds will begin their long journey. They need to be deepened by about 1.5 centimeters. Before the planting procedure, the seeds are soaked in a growth stimulator for 12 - 14 hours. There is no need to disinfect the material, because the seeds are subjected to all necessary procedures before being sold.

tomato variety

To create the most suitable growing conditions in the container, it must be wrapped in plastic and marked in a warm place. The sprouts that appear need constant illumination. Moisten the soil carefully, in moderation, because tomatoes are not lovers of too wet soil.

After the plant has formed 2 true leaves, a pick should be made. After transplanting, it is necessary to apply complex fertilizer. Re-feed the plants before planting them in a permanent place.

The time during which seedlings should be grown depends on that time of year:

  • spring - 42 days;
  • summer - 35 days;
  • winter - 63 days.

Transplanting the first seedlings into the ground becomes possible after May 15, when night temperatures predominantly adhere to positive marks. In order for the survival rate to be as good as possible, the holes should be shed with potassium permanganate. At the time of transplanting, the trunks should be tied to reinforcement or trellis.

growing tomatoes

Gardeners need to pay attention to this fact: a more rational way growing tomatoes on a trellis. Be sure to remove the stepsons and monitor the formation of the bush. It should have 1 or 2 stems.

Watering Pink Lady should be settled with warm water, the temperature of which is close to room temperature. The application of liquid mineral fertilizers should be carried out 3-4 times during the season.

Care rules

Tomato Pink Lady is a culture that is very warm-friendly. Seed growth can begin already at 10 - 15 ° C, and the optimum temperature for keeping the bushes ranges from 23 to 25 ° C. If during the growth period the variety falls into cool conditions, and the temperature drops to 15 ° C, you can lose buds and, as a result, a significant part of the harvest. High temperature characteristics, like freezing, can be detrimental.

The rules for caring for the Pink Lady variety are quite simple:

  • disinfection of the ground before planting;
  • the need for tying;
  • requirements for soil acidity;
  • installation of supports;
  • watering with water at room temperature.

To create an ideal microclimate, you can plant greens in parallel with tomato bushes: celery, parsley, mint. These herbs will be an excellent pest repellent.

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