Lunar planting calendar for the gardener for july 2020

The lunar sowing calendar for gardeners for July 2020 is a handbook, without which it is better not to start any work in the garden. If you do what you love, checking the calendar days, you can achieve the desired result with a minimum of effort. One cannot ignore the location of the Moon relative to the Earth and other planets, because its influence on vegetation is very great.

The influence of the moon phase on planting

For many centuries, gardeners have been checking the lunar calendar. Indeed, the Moon has a strong influence on the development of plants. Depending on the lunar phase, fluid and energy move up or down. This means that the terrestrial part of the plants and their roots develop better only on certain days of the month.

If you carry out work on the lunar calendar, you can significantly increase the yield of crops.

Each new month begins with a New Moon. Then comes the Waxing Moon. Juices and energy rush upward. During this period, the terrestrial part of plants develops better. This continues until the middle of the month. Then comes the Full Moon, followed by the Waning Phase. During this period, on the contrary, the plant juices rush down to the roots. During the waning moon period, root crops receive maximum energy and nutrition.

Moon phases in july 2020

In July, as in any other month, the Moon goes through 4 phases. Each of them affects the plants and the order of gardening.

New moon

The month begins with the New Moon. This day corresponds to 2 July. Before this date, the Descending phase lasted for almost 2 weeks. The roots of plants contain maximum energy and nutrients. Any work on this day is undesirable, except for cleaning weeds. The new moon lasts three days, that is, you need to take into account 1 day before July 2 and 1 day after this date.

sowing calendar

Full moon

The Full Moon comes in the middle of the month. Sowing, planting, pruning or pinching plants on this day is better not to do. The date of the Full Moon is July 17 (plus the day before and the day after). But on this day, you can remove weeds and weed the beds.

Waxing Crescent

Immediately after the New Moon, the waxing moon phase begins (from 3-4 to 15-16 July). It lasts almost 2 weeks, that is, until the equator of the month. During this period, you can do any work with the ground parts of plants, including harvesting (berries, vegetables, fruits). Usually in July nothing is sown or planted. At this time, they are harvesting. If you wish, you can plant greens, lettuce again, that is, those plants that will develop above the ground.

waxing moon calendar


After the Full Moon, the period of the Waning Moon begins (from 18-19 to 31 days). Fluid and energy rush down to the roots. This phase lasts 2 weeks - until the end of July. At this time, you can plant or harvest root crops, cut off branches, pinch, pinch the ground part of plants. The harvest of fruits and berries located above the surface of the soil is best harvested during the waxing moon.

Zodiac signs

In addition to the Moon, the signs of the zodiac affect the development of plants and the frequency of work in the garden or in the garden. Any garden or horticultural crop has four essential elements: root, leaf, flower, fruit. Each of these parts is ruled by a specific zodiac sign.

Characteristics of planets in relation to plants:

  1. Aquarius (18.19) is a barren sign.
  2. Leo (4.5), Aries (23.24) are infertile signs.
  3. Virgo (6.7), Gemini (1, 27,28,29), Sagittarius (13, 14) are infertile.
  4. Libra (8,9,10), Capricorn (15,16) - fertile.
  5. Scorpio (11,12), Cancer (3, 30,31), Pisces (20,21,22), Taurus (25,26) are the most fertile signs.

The beneficial effects of zodiac signs on plant parts:

  • at the roots - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn;
  • on the leaves - Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio;
  • for fruits - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius;
  • on flowers - Libra, Gemini, Aquarius.

sowing calendar

What to plant in July according to the lunar calendar?

July is mid-summer. Planting or sowing operations are rarely carried out this month. It's time for harvesting, harvesting and conservation for the winter. At the height of summer, the soil is loosened to improve aeration, weeds are removed, the tops of plants are pinched, shoots are pinched, the vegetation is watered in drought.

Vegetables, herbs and herbs

In the first 2 weeks of July, plants can be planted on the Growing Moon that will bear fruit in the ground part. The following dates are considered especially favorable: 11.12. In the Growing phase, you can plant greens, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, strawberries, flowers (except bulbs).

planting in the growing phase

After the equator, you can start planting root crops during the Killing Phase. Most fertile dates: 20,21,22, 25,26 From the second half of July, you can plant onions, garlic, radishes, potatoes, carrots, bulbous flowers.

Fruit garden

In July, the collection of cherries and cherries begins in the garden. It is better to do this work in the first decade of the month. After the 17th, you can prune branches. It is advisable to plant seedlings in the Growing phase, that is, in the first 2 weeks of July.

Bushes, trees and flower beds

In the summer, it is undesirable to cut the branches, as juice will flow from them. Usually, such a procedure is carried out in early spring - before bud break, or in late autumn - after leaf fall. It is better to plant shrubs and trees in the autumn, but you can also in the summer, in the first decade of July. From 4th to 15th, the best time to plant flowers.

planting time

On the Waning Moon, that is, after the 17th, you can water plants, loosen the soil, and remove weeds.

Lawn and landscaping

It is better to sow grass and plant gardening from the 4th to the 15th. You need to mow the lawn from 18 to the end of the month. Water the plants as needed, but it is best for the roots to absorb liquid during the Descending phase.

What work needs to be done in the garden and in the garden according to the lunar calendar

July is the height of summer. During this period, plants are rarely sown and planted. But they begin to harvest. It is better to harvest vegetables, berries and fruits on the Growing Moon, while they contain the maximum of useful substances.


Root crops can be harvested in the Descending phase. According to the lunar calendar, during this period it is better to feed the plants. The roots assimilate a maximum of useful substances that go to them not only from the soil, but also from the ground parts of the plant.

Adequate watering promotes photosynthesis. In the heat, you can irrigate the vegetation, however, it is better to do this in the evening or early in the morning. In the Decreasing phase, you need to loosen the soil, remove weeds. You can pinch plants, pinch the tops.

Lunar calendar for the gardener for july 2020

According to the lunar calendar, in July you can do something daily in the garden or in the vegetable garden. From the first days of the month to the middle, you can pick tomatoes, cucumbers, cherries, cherries.

Starting from July 17, you can dig up early potatoes, pull out ripe carrots or beets from the ground.

Weeds are best removed from the garden as soon as they appear, so that they do not take nutrients from cultivated plants. True, in July there are several days in which it is advisable to do nothing.


Auspicious days

Moderately fertile days on the Growing Moon: 8.9.10. Best: 11.12 Allowed to plant fruit-bearing plants and flowers above the ground: from 4th to 15th.

Average fertility days on the Waning Moon: 27, 28, 29. The best: 20, 21.22. You can plant root crops: from 19th to 31st.

Unfavorable days

During such a period, it is better not to start any work in the garden or in the garden. The most unfavorable days: 2 and 17 (plus the day before and the day after these dates). Infertile: 18.19.

favorable and unfavorable days

Gardener's signs in July

To better understand nature will help the signs that people have observed and noticed over the years, convinced of their truthfulness and passed on their knowledge to descendants.

Signs for July:

  1. If a spider weaves a web, it will be dry.
  2. If frogs croak, it will rain.
  3. Mosquitoes fly in swarms - for good weather.
  4. July 6 - the custom of collecting medicinal herbs.
  5. Strong dew on Ivan Kupala (July 7) - for the harvest of cucumbers.
  6. Rain on Samson (10th) - to prolonged rains until autumn.
  7. If there is no dew in the morning, the rains will come soon.
  8. Omelyan came (31st), found mushrooms and berries, ordered to harvest them.

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