Gardener's lunar planting calendar for may 2020, favorable days

Preparation for the summer cottage begins many months before the start of the main work. By the end of spring, gardeners should have seedlings ready, which are planted in May, according to the lunar calendar of 2020. This method has a reasonable explanation and has been in demand for many decades.

Moon phases in may 2020

To understand the principle of planting according to the lunar calendar, it is necessary to find out how the luminary affects the growth of plants.

Over the course of a month, the moon goes through several cycles, which differ in characteristic features. Each time interval corresponds to a certain cycle: new moon, full moon, as well as periods of growth or decline.

Which plants are usually planted on the waning moon, and which - on the growing

For the stretch when the moon begins to wane, planting of flower crops is recommended, especially those that have tubers or bulbs. In the garden, you can plant strawberries, blackberries, wild strawberries.

With the growth of the moon, during the time period that lasts until the full moon, they planted: greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cabbage, beans.

Fruit and berry crops are planted in the garden: rose hips, grapes.

planted seedling

Influence of the moon phase on plant growth

Planting or sowing is carried out based on lunar cycles. In addition, gardeners often plan their crop care practices using this set of rules.

  1. When the new moon comes, the plants freeze: they are not planted, cut off, and dived.
  2. During the waning period of the Moon, the cell sap weakly circulates along the stems or leaves, all the forces of the plants are concentrated in the root system. Therefore, gardeners are engaged in planting crops in which the fruits ripen underground. This is the planting time for tuberous and bulbous varieties.
  3. With the growing moon, plants are characterized by the development of the aboveground part, therefore, it is customary to engage in planting crops that form fruits above the ground.
  4. The arrival of the full moon slows down the growth of the plant, these days are used in order to give the plants a break from carrying out any agricultural techniques.

Moon phases

Lunar calendar table for May 2020

May is characterized by the following correspondence of cycles and dates:

New moonFull moonWaxing CrescentWaning moon
5196-181-4, 20-31

Favorable days for planting

Planting days for crops are calculated in accordance with the passage of the star along certain zodiac signs.

Sowing seedlings of vegetables

To plant seedlings in May, gardeners need to start sowing the seed in winter or early spring. The timing depends on the variety and characteristics of the culture. Sowing seedlings for May landings is carried out in any month, guided by the following dates:

Month / cultureTomatoesCucumbersPeppers, eggplant
January1, 10, 15, 16, 19
February6, 8, 11, 136, 8, 12, 136, 11, 12, 17
March10, 11, 15, 167, 11, 15, 167, 12, 13
April8, 11, 188, 10, 16, 188, 15, 17

auspicious days

For planting flowers

Sowing seeds of flower crops depends on the variety and developmental characteristics.

Annual flowers are sown for seedlings:

  • January: 10, 15, 16;
  • February: 6, 7, 8, 12, 13;
  • March: 14, 16.

Perennials and varieties with a developed underground part are sown:

  • January: 11, 12;
  • February: 7, 8, 9, 15;
  • March: 15, 17, 18.

Best days to plant indoor plants

For planting or transplanting plants that live in the house, the same periods are suitable as for flower crops. The timing of agrotechnical procedures is the same.

calendar for may

Unfavorable sowing days

The main numbers, when sowing, planting and picking of plants are not carried out, consider the days of the monthly new and full moon:

  • January: 6, 21;
  • February: 5, 19;
  • March: 6, 21;
  • April: 5, 19;
  • May: 5, 19;
  • June: 3, 17.

Recommended jobs in May, depending on zodiac sign and lunar calendar

May is a month of hard work for summer residents. During this period, seedlings are planted and some crops are sown. In addition, for June plantings, it is necessary to prepare the soil in advance. It is fertilized 2-3 weeks before the planned planting. It is important for the gardener to plan out the gardening calendar in advance. The periods depend on the passage of the moon under a certain zodiac sign.


May work in the garden

Vegetables require regular maintenance. This includes work on soil cultivation, spraying from pests.

Aries, 1 to 3, 28 to 31Planting greens and beets, weeding plants, removing pests
Taurus, 3-6, 31Planting root crops,
Gemini, 6-8Weeding, pest control
Cancer, 8-10Picking, planting plants with a developing aerial part
Leo, 10-12Loosening, pest control
Virgo, 12-14Land cultivation, soil preparation, fertilization and watering
Libra, 14-17Transplants and disembarkations
Scorpio, 17-19Spring reproduction procedures by dividing the uterine bush
Sagittarius, 19-21Spraying against parasites
Capricorn, 21-23Transfers and main landings
Aquarius, 23-26Loosening and hilling of the soil
Pisces, 26-28Planting root crops

Garden work

Gardening work includes planting fruit trees, cultivating the soil around them and treating pests. Vaccinations are given in the first decade of May. The exceptions are the numbers corresponding to the new moon and full moon.

Information! Before the flowering phase, all crops are treated with fungicides.


Folk omens in May

Many gardeners are guided by the folk sowing calendar when planning work. It includes the calculated periods from the beginning of flowering coltsfoot. On the 23rd day from flowering, carrots, parsley, peas are sown, on the 30th day they begin to cultivate the soil for planting tomatoes, eggplants.

In addition, according to various signs, folk signs suggest the weather conditions of the month:

  1. The cold first days of May promise frosts by the end of the month.
  2. If a double rainbow forms in the sky during the first week of May, then this is a sign of the approach of prolonged rains.
  3. Singing nightingales speaks of a good harvest in summer.
  4. The movement of large clouds across the sky from south to north is evidence of impending bad weather.
  5. If yellow acacia blooms in the second half of May, but its flowering is not accompanied by a pungent odor, then this indicates a June drought.

According to popular beliefs, the weather at the end of May is of great importance. Rainy days predict a poor harvest.

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