The best early low-growing varieties of fruitful tomatoes for open ground

Early varieties of tomatoes for open ground by type of growth are divided into several groups. The parameter for classification is the height of the tomato bush. Low-growing tomatoes for open ground are presented in four varieties, which are combined into two groups:

  • determinant;
  • superdeterminant.

Classification of tomatoes by type of bush growth

The height of early low-growing varieties of tomatoes for open ground, belonging to the determinant group of plants, does not exceed one meter, superdeterminant plants are lower in growth, their upper limit is 80 cm.

A subgroup of standard plants is distinguished from determinant tomatoes. It includes varieties with a compact root system and a strong trunk. Those varieties with a maximum bush height of less than 80 cm are allocated into a subgroup superdeterminate tomato.

There are many open field tomatoes with tall bushes (up to 2 m) that have unlimited vigor. They are all grouped together indeterminate tomatoes... Indents require more attention, a lot of time is spent on the formation of bushes, for intensive fruiting, they need balanced feeding. Therefore, we will compare productive varieties of tomatoes for open ground, included in the group of determinant plants.

standard plants

Features of determinant tomatoes

You can understand why all super-early varieties are most often of a determinant type by the following characteristics of the bush:

  • the number of stepchildren is small;
  • bushes branch weakly;
  • short internodes;
  • a limited number of inflorescences (6 pcs.) are formed on the bushes.

stepsons small

After the formation of the number of fruits declared in the description, the bushes stop growing. All their strength goes into the ripening of the tomato, which is why the earliest varieties are usually determinant.

Many very early varieties of very small stature belong to the group of superdeterminant tomatoes. They stop growing after tying 3 hands. The early cessation of growth explains their early maturity.

number of fruits

All standard tomatoes are high-yielding. Their bushes do not grow for a long time due to small roots, so the fruit is early return. Having understood the terms, you can understand from the description of the variety which tomatoes ripen earlier for growing in the open field.

All about the advantages of low-growing tomatoes

You can name the reasons why you need to choose determinant early ripening varieties of tomatoes for open ground:

high-yielding tomatoes

  • low growth;
  • early maturity;
  • low incidence;
  • cold resistance;
  • easy care.

Low-growing plants do not need strong supports, some varieties do not need support at all. Determinant (super-determinant) bushes are compact, they only need a small amount of land to grow. Determinant and super determinant varieties are great choices for small gardens.

low incidence

Early maturity affects the timing of planting. For seedlings, low-growing varieties can be sown later. The short ripening period guarantees a harvest even with late transplantation (mid-June) of tomato seedlings in open ground.

Low early varieties of tomatoes rarely suffer from late blight. Phytophthora affects bushes in August, and determinant and superdeterminant varieties ripen in July. Fruits harvested from healthy bushes are stored longer and are not damaged by the fungus.

determinant and superdeterminant

Scientists have developed cold-resistant determinant varieties for open ground, some can be grown in a seedless way. By sowing tomato seeds directly into the ground, summer residents noticeably save time and effort.

For a summer resident employed at his main job, undersized tomatoes facilitate care. Many varieties do not need to be tied up, some do not need to remove stepsons. The easiest way is to care for standard tomatoes.

in a reckless way

Early salad tomatoes

For summer consumption in the garden, you need to have large-fruited varieties. Planting several salad varieties (early, ultra-early) in the garden, they achieve uniform fruiting from June to August.

salad tomatoes

Boney MM

Standard grade for the lazy. Low-growing (50 cm), ultra-early maturing Boney MM tomatoes do not need support and pinning. The variety is suitable for those who do not like or do not know how to grow seedlings. The seeds can be sown under the foil in early May, and in June they can be sown to a permanent place.

Tomatoes begin to ripen 80-85 days after germination. Seedlings are ready for transplanting in a month, so seeds for seedlings are sown late - in early or mid-April. Salad fruits, red, semi-round, weighing up to 70 g. From the bushes planted in the soil in the first days of June, the first harvest can be harvested at the end of the month. From one bush, you can get about 2 kg of tomato.

grade for the lazy

Raspberry surprise F1

A hybrid of a determinant type, bushes 80-90 cm tall form a powerful root system. The plant loves well-fertilized, loose soil. The yield is noticeably higher in the beds, where regular fertilizing with mineral fertilizers is carried out.

The fruits are crimson, flat-round, large. The mass of a tomato is from 300 to 500 g. The pulp is dense, without voids, and has a harmonious taste. Appointment salad, yield 15 kg / sq. m.

raspberry hybrid

Early ripening universal tomatoes

You cannot do without early-ripening universal-purpose tomatoes in the garden. Russian women traditionally prepare tomatoes for the winter in summer and early autumn. It is the varieties (hybrids) of universal use that are suitable for all types of blanks.

versatile tomatoes


This variety begins to sing faster than others. Sanka is loved by grandmothers who sell tomatoes in the market. The first tomatoes begin to sing 75 days after germination. The fruits are beautiful, round, red with a good taste balanced in terms of sugars and acids. The size of the tomato is small, they can be put on blanks, to prepare salads.

raise grandmothers

Semko 18 F

A hybrid resistant to heat, drought, diseases: Alternaria, TMV, apical rot. In the open field, tomatoes of the Semko 18 F1 variety please with a stable yield. With a dense planting (5 bushes per 1 sq. M.) 10 kg of tasty fruits are harvested per unit area.

Characteristics of tomato Semko 18 F1:

heat resistant

  • weight - 140 g;
  • shape - rounded;
  • color - red, saturated;
  • the pulp is dense.

The fruits do not crack, have a good taste, and are versatile. The bushes are compact, determinate, low-leafed, up to 1 meter high. Harvesting begins after 85-90 days from germination.

rotten variety


Lovers of pink tomatoes will love the pink early tomatoes Raisin. Tomatoes are ripe for 80 days. The fruits are not large, weighing 100 g, stored for a long time, do not deteriorate during transportation. The pulp is tasty, sugary. Caring for the bushes is not difficult, they can reach a height of 50 cm.Valuable properties of the early ripening variety Zest:

  • cold-resistant;
  • tolerates insufficient lighting;
  • has good immunity to some viruses.

like pink

French bunch

New determinant tomato, medium early, pickled. Bushes up to 1 meter in height need support and tying. You don't need to delete your stepsons. The variety surprises with unusually beautiful bunches of finger fruits.

One plant can form 5 to 20 brushes. One bunch consists of 6-10 red tomatoes weighing 80-100 g. Tomato planting scheme outdoors French bunch: 5 plants per square meter.

stepsons delete


Wonderful early ripening tomato for open ground. The variety is very popular among amateur vegetable growers. Standard bushes, low (up to 40 cm). Caring for them is very simple, there is no need to tie up and remove stepchildren.

Fruit size is average (up to 180 g), red color, universal purpose. The variety can be grown outdoors in Western Siberia. The main advantages of tomato fighter:

  • yield;
  • early maturity;
  • versatility.

wonderful early maturing

Dwarf tomatoes

Miniature tomato bushes will decorate a small garden. Ultra-early varieties of standard-type tomatoes are very decorative, they can be planted in flower beds, grown in a pot culture on a loggia or terrace.

Dwarf hybrid F1 Red Pearl will appeal to fans of mini-tomatoes. Miniature standard bushes 30 cm high give 30 small, red tomatoes weighing about 20 g. The bushes do not need to be pinned, they are compact, can grow and bear fruit in low light. The fruits begin to sing 85 days after germination. There is a mini tomato Pearl yellow with similar characteristics. The differences are only in the color of the tomatoes.

small vegetable garden

Another miniature plant deserves attention. The determinant variety Bullfinch grows well on the balcony and in the open field. Bushes are low (up to 40 cm), begin to bear fruit on the 75th day. Tomatoes are red, rounded-flattened.

Super-yielding low-growing tomatoes

It is necessary to choose from a huge number of seeds super-yielding varieties of tomatoes for open ground. From a small plot with minimal costs, you can get good yields from them.

greens in pots


The standard low-growing (35 cm) variety Yamal shows a good yield. 10 kg of tomato are harvested from a square meter. For a low-growing variety, this is an excellent indicator. Variety value:

  • super cold resistance;
  • resistance to heat, drought;
  • propagates by sowing seeds in the ground and by seedling.

excellent indicator


An excellent productive variety with determinate bushes. The height of densely leafy bushes is 90 cm. 20 kg of medium-sized round fruits are harvested from a square meter. The maximum weight of one tomato does not exceed 200 g.

Fruits are pink, versatile, well tolerated. Marinades are made from Ivanovich tomatoes, light, summer salads are made. Valuable qualities:

  • excellent transportability;
  • good quality taste;
  • immunity to TMV, Fusarium, Alternaria.

densely leaved bushes

Pink miracle

The pink miracle is striking in its productivity. Up to 19 kg of medium-sized pink fruits are harvested from a square meter. Fruit weight does not exceed 110 g. Carpal tomato, 6-7 pink fruits are formed in the cluster.

The pulp will appeal to any gourmet with its dense structure and good taste. Super early tomatoes pink miracle have a number of advantages:

  • immunity to most diseases;
  • early maturation (82-85 days);
  • high productivity.

its productivity


Matvey, Volgograd

I am engaged in the cultivation of tomatoes for sale. For several years now I have been planting the Pink Miracle.The variety is bought well, there are no problems with transportation. Buyers praise tomatoes for their taste. I believe that the Pink Miracle is the best tomatoes for outdoor use.

Lyudmila, Tver

I plant my seeds every year tomato Sanka... Tomatoes are unpretentious. There are no complaints about the taste, the tomatoes are early, so you should not expect high sugar content from them. I use tomatoes for pickling, the skin does not crack, and does not lose its shape during processing.

unpretentious tomatoes

Tatiana, Novgorod

For the first time I planted Ivanych tomatoes from the company "Seeds of Altai". The bushes grew exactly the same size as indicated in the description. Tomatoes also met the stated characteristics. Weighed the tomatoes, the average weight of the fruits turned out to be 180 g.

The pink fruits delighted with their taste and elegant appearance. On the cut, the fleshy pulp looks very appetizing, there are no tough fibers. I can note a small drawback of the Ivanych variety: it is susceptible to late blight. Some of my bushes are sick today, I had to treat.


Anna, Yekaterinburg

I have extreme conditions for vegetables at my dacha. I take water for irrigation directly from the well, there are enough weeds in the beds. On the advice of a work colleague, I purchased seeds tomato Buyan... By the end of summer, she began to respect the variety for its unpretentiousness. Although I didn’t create normal conditions for him, he pleased me with the harvest.

Features of care and planting of low-growing tomatoes

Buy seeds in special stores, before planting, carry out processing by bubbling. Use an aquarium processor to carry out the pre-sowing treatment. It takes 30 minutes to saturate the seeds with oxygen.

care and planting

Before sowing, seeds must be soaked in any growth stimulator. When choosing hybrid low-growing tomatoes, take into account their increased need for mineral fertilizers. By adhering to the schemes of root and foliar dressing offered to manufacturers, you can get decent tomato yields in the open field.

Determinant high-yielding early maturing varieties with large fruits are best tied to a support. Tied branches are less likely to break under the load of fruits. Pure fruits, without touching the ground, are less likely to get sick, they are stored longer. The soil under the bushes can be covered with a layer of mulch (10 cm), which will also protect the plants from fungal infection.

like peppers


Choosing low-growing varieties of tomatoes for open ground, you can reduce the hassle of caring for tomatoes several times. After spending a little time, you can provide yourself with delicious fresh tomatoes, make preparations for the winter.

reduce hassle

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