Super agent for tomato seedlings hydrogen peroxide

What gardeners and gardeners do not do to increase yields or get rid of insects in the beds. Hydrogen peroxide is a super food for tomatoes. Unlike expensive drugs, which are sometimes completely ineffective, this remedy can be bought for a penny at any pharmacy.

Hydrogen peroxide for disinfection

Many people know that planting material must be disinfected before planting. Most often, iodine or potassium permanganate is used for this purpose. But you can process tomato seeds and hydrogen peroxide.

According to scientists, the seeds of agricultural crops contain inhibitors. They interfere with the germination of planting material. In the natural environment, they are destroyed during the oxidation process. But in agriculture, peroxide is used for this purpose. Tomato seeds are sprayed with a spray bottle with 1% raster hydrogen peroxide. You need to spray the seeds already sown in the soil. Thus, not only the inhibitors contained in the seeds are destroyed, but also the entire soil is disinfected.

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Another way to disinfect future seedlings. In a 10% peroxide solution, you need to soak the seeds for 25 minutes, then they should be rinsed under running water and dried on a battery to a loose state.

This tool is also used as a growth stimulant for vegetable crops. Tomato planting material should be soaked for 12 hours in 0.5% peroxide solution. After this time, the seeds are also washed in clean water and dried. This method of seed treatment guarantees 100% germination.

Hydrogen peroxide for tomato seedlings is also used in the treatment of the root system of tomatoes. But, in this case, all thin roots will die, but no bacteria and fungi will remain on the rhizome itself.

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Soil processing before planting seedlings

The tool has found application in the cultivation of land in summer cottages. Most harmful insects prefer to winter in the soil. Therefore, before planting seedlings in open ground, it is recommended to disinfect the ground. Watering the substrate with a peroxide solution should not only before planting seedlings, but also after harvesting.

Only one bottle of the product is required for 4 liters of water. Mix the solution thoroughly with a wooden stick, pour it into a watering can and pour over the dug soil. Watering with an aqueous solution is carried out in autumn and spring, a few days before planting young seedlings in the beds.

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Processing of seedlings and adult plants

When growing tomatoes, special attention should be paid to the processing of bushes.Tomato seedlings are very weak, so they need additional growth stimulation. Chemicals can be used as a stimulant, but you can do without them and try to treat the seedlings with a peroxide solution.

To spray the bushes, you need to take 1 liter of warm filtered water and dilute 1 tbsp in it. l. peroxide. Mix thoroughly and pour into a spray bottle, spraying is carried out constantly, until the seedlings are transplanted into the ground. It is recommended to spray once a week. With such feeding, the seedlings begin to grow actively within a few days after the start of the procedure.

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But not only young seedlings need a growth stimulator. Under certain factors, adult bushes can also grow poorly, have an unhealthy appearance and dry out. To solve this problem, you can use hydrogen peroxide. You can disinfect wounds and fractures at the stems. The place of the break is lubricated with peroxide and sealed with latex.

This remedy also copes well with fungal diseases. Dilute 25 ml of peroxide in 1 liter of room temperature water and spray the branches and leaves of tomatoes with the resulting liquid.

Peroxide can also cope with such a common disease of nightshade crops as late blight. In 1 liter of water, dilute a few drops of iodine (you can do without it) and 35 ml of peroxide. Spray the plants until all signs of late blight disappear.

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Application as a fertilizer for tomatoes

With the help of hydrogen peroxide, you can fertilize tomatoes... Dilute the peroxide with water (3 liters per 50 ml of the product) and water the tomato bushes with the resulting fertilizer. You can fertilize both young seedlings and adult bushes.

Watering the seedlings with this remedy helps the rhizome to better absorb trace elements and macronutrients. The released oxygen “eats up” the small roots, and also destroys all pathogenic bacteria and fungi. You just need to remember that it is not advisable to water the foliage of plants. Top dressing is done no more often than once every 10 days.

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When watering tomato seedlings in this way, you must follow a number of recommendations:

  • Water must penetrate into the ground to a depth of more than 15 cm;
  • The need to use only warm water (not cold);
  • When watering the bushes, the liquid should not fall on the tops and erode the ground around the holes;

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You need to water the bushes in the early morning or late evening, when the sun has already set (if water the tomatoes when the sun is shining, they can get burned and die).

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