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Rating, description and reviews of the manufacturer, agricultural firm

High-yielding hybrids of sunflower, wheat and corn have been sown on our lands for a long time. Few of the ordinary people wondered where the seeds with such yield indicators and disease resistance came from. Agrofirm DuPoint is one of the leading suppliers of genetically modified agricultural seeds in many countries of the world.

History of company promotion

The company was founded in 1802, at which time a ship from France arrived on the North American continent. Initially, registration was carried out for a gunpowder company. The products were in demand, and already during the American Civil War, DuPoint became the leader of the country's military-industrial complex. In the future, the company's products were bought both for personal collections and for conducting military campaigns in different countries.

Agrofirm DuPoint

In parallel with military products, from the 30s of the last century, the company began to work in the chemical industry. In addition to toxic substances, the company came up with and launched into mass production materials:

  • neoprene;
  • nylon;
  • kevlar;
  • mylar;
  • tyvek.

The company sold Lycra when it decided to tie it to textiles in 2004.

company promotion

Since the middle of the last century, the company has been working on components of the nuclear industry.

Along with this, DuPoint is considered a global giant in the agricultural sector. On the account of the company's scientists there are many developments in agronomy:

  • breeding of genetically modified seeds of sunflower, corn, wheat;
  • development of crop protection means from pests;
  • development of formulas and production of mixed feed for universal use.

sunflower seeds

Interesting! For the first time in our country, the products of the agricultural firm were brought by Nikita Khrushchev. It was he who brought a sack of corn kernels from the United States, which they subsequently began to sow everywhere.

Research centers are located in the countries of the former USSR, where they develop new varieties of agricultural crops for a particular region. At the same time, plant protection products are tested, by the method of tests and attempts, an effective remedy is selected for a particular area.

agricultural products

Product specification

In the agricultural sector of the economy, the agricultural firm owns a segment with many innovative ideas, annually about a thousand discoveries from the company's specialists are registered.

The company invests most of all in the defense complex and nuclear tests, and does not forget the farmers. Research laboratories are testing modern plant protection products against diseases and pests, paying attention to the safety of manufactured products for humans.The agrofirm works directly with farmers from all over the world, strives to produce garden and field protection products that operate in all climatic zones of the planet.

The main task is to solve food problems around the world by breeding high-yielding and demanded crops.

Product specification

Product advantage

The agrofirm is known for the production of broad-spectrum fungicides, the advantages are as follows:

  • efficiency;
  • relative safety;
  • fast weathering.

manufacture of fungicides

Products can be collected and consumed very soon.

Genetically modified plant seeds allow for high yields at minimal cost. The cultivation of land is identical, some hybrids already contain special treatment for diseases and pests.

collect and consume

Development and implementation of revolutionary developments

Agrofirm specialists have developed and tested preparations for protecting agricultural plants:

protection drugs

  • The "Akanto" remedy is recognized as universal. The new generation fungicide has managed to prove itself when used to protect vegetables, garden plants, grain crops, peas and soybeans from septoria disease, powdery mildew and other diseases that destroy crops.
  • The preparations "Trend", "Abrusta", "Talius" have become quality protection for cereals from all known diseases and pests.
  • The farmer will provide himself with high yields of corn using “Cordus Herbicide” for protection.
  • Soybeans and peas will diminish under reliable protection if they are treated with Harmony Classic Herbicide, which is based on sulfonylurea.
  • "Thanos" will help to protect sunflower and many types of vegetables from the harmful effects of the environment.
  • Orchards with fruits and high yields for vineyards are promised by the use of means "Lannat Insecticide", "Talendo Extra Fungicide", "Kurzat R Fungicide".

Most of them have already been registered and are successfully used by both small farmers and large farms to protect crops in different countries of the world.

using to protect

Agrofirm DuPoint has made a tangible contribution to the development of the world agricultural complex by developing and introducing innovations. They highlight the development of plant protection products for fields and gardens, which help to collect large yields, and therefore, to solve the problem of the global shortage of products.

food shortages

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