Description and characteristics of cherry varieties Sudarushka, planting and care features

Cherry has long been one of the most common fruit plants in the Middle Strip and southern regions of Russia. Some of its varieties are adapted to growth and fruiting in the northern regions. The culture is appreciated for the taste of its fruits, undemanding to growing conditions, early ripening and beauty of flowers. All these qualities are noted by gardeners in the Sudarushka cherry.

Description of the variety

Cherry Sudarushka is a tree of medium height with a dense crown, which has a pyramidal-rounded shape, and long, straight branches. In 2001, the description of the variety was entered into the State Register.

The leaves are colored dark green, pointed at the top and have a rounded base. Their plates are shaped like boats because of the concave shape. The petioles are medium in length, like the buds, which are distinguished by their ovoid shape.

The inflorescences consist of four small, adjoining, white flowers. Each of them has a pistil and stamens of medium size, a glassy cup.

Characteristics of the tree and fruit

The Sudarushka variety has a universal purpose. In terms of ripening, it belongs to the mid-season variety. Differs in abundant flowering.

cherry sudarushka

One of the features of Sudarushka is partial self-fertility. This means that the plant forms from 5% to 20% of the fruits of the total number of flowers. But to increase the number of berries and increase yields, it needs a neighborhood with other varieties. It is believed that the most effective pollinators for Sudarushka are Turgenevka, as well as Octave.

The fruits are heart-shaped, they taste sweet-sour, juicy, and the color of the pulp and skin is close to maroon shade.

The berries weigh up to 5 grams. The first harvest from trees is harvested four years after planting.Yield indicators reach 75 centners per hectare. The average yield is 40 centners per hectare.

cherry sudarushka

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Gardeners who have experience in growing the Sudarushka cherry varieties note its advantages:

  • frost resistance, the ability to withstand even harsh cold weather;
  • slight damage to shoots and flowers during spring frosts;
  • pleasant fruit taste and attractive appearance;
  • resistance to a disease such as moniliosis.

In this case, the variety can be affected by the coccomycosis fungus, not having resistance to this disease. In the absence of serious prophylaxis, coccomycosis can cause significant crop damage. This is the main disadvantage of the Sudarushka variety.

cherry sudarushka

Features of planting and caring for cherries

For planting cherries, choose one-year or two-year seedlings 1-1.2 meters high, with a root system 20-30 centimeters long. According to the rules of agricultural technology, first they prepare a hole, pour a bucket of water into it, and mulch. The root collar is positioned at ground level. The seedling is tied to an additional support.

Top dressing is applied in spring, ammonium nitrate is used as fertilizer. Its amount is calculated from the proportion of 20 grams per 1 square meter of the trunk circle. In trees aged 2-3 years, a crown is formed by pruning.

For the winter, young cherries are covered with thick paper, roofing material, reeds, glass wool. Damaged areas are treated with garden pitch. To protect against short spring frosts, when the cherry blossoms, they resort to smoking and watering. The secret of a plentiful and high-quality harvest of cherry varieties Sudarushka is in observing the rules of caring for the plant and the presence of pollinating varieties.

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