Description of the tomato variety Maksimka, cultivation and care

Tomatoes have long been at the top of the list of the most popular plants among gardeners. The number of varieties increases every year thanks to the work of breeders around the world. Tomato Maksimka has become another novelty of Russian breeding. The originators were large companies - “Bekov R.Kh.”, “Poisk” and “VNIIO”.

General information about the plant

The Maksimka tomato variety is registered in the State Register and is recommended for open ground in the Central and Central Black Earth regions. Reviews of gardeners confirm the possibility of cultivation in places with a less suitable climate and soil, provided that a greenhouse and film shelters are used. Description of the appearance of the tomato and technical characteristics:

tomato Maxim

  • Early ripe, you can pick the berries in 75–80 days.
  • Determinant.
  • Semi-spreading.
  • Medium branched.
  • Medium leafy.
  • The green foliage is medium in size.
  • The inflorescence is of an intermediate type.
  • The first inflorescence is formed over 6–7 leaves.
  • There is no articulation with the peduncle.
  • Stunted, height no more than 60 centimeters.
  • Good yield, up to 459 centners per hectare of land.
  • Up to 92% of the output of fruits of a marketable type.
  • Comprehensive resistance to many nightshade diseases.
  • Suitable for long-term storage and transportation.

A distinctive feature of the variety is the ultra-early ripening of fruits. Features and technical data of the berry:

medium-branched variety

  • Small, weighing up to 100 grams.
  • Flat-round shape.
  • Light green before ripening.
  • Orange-red color when mature.
  • The number of nests is more than 4 pieces.
  • Smooth.
  • Thin skin.
  • Not prone to cracking.
  • Medium density.
  • Not watery.
  • Juicy.
  • Sweet taste.
  • No acidity.

IMPORTANT! The fruit contains no more than 7.9% of dry matter in juice.

The Maksimka variety has good taste. The fruit is suitable for fresh consumption. They are added to salads, used for self-consumption, added as an ingredient to pizza and other dishes. The tomato is suitable for whole-fruit canning, curling and pickling.

undersized in height

Growing recommendations

The seedling planting method is preferred for the variety. Seed planting begins in mid-spring. For growing seeds, you will need separate containers with universal soil for the nightshade family. Seedlings require maintaining temperature conditions, lighting and watering. A heat-loving plant grows well at an air temperature of at least 20 degrees and requires at least 16 hours of daylight.

IMPORTANT! Before transplanting, the seedlings require hardening.

A low-growing plant bears fruit successfully when planted tightly, up to 5 tomatoes per square meter of land.Further cultivation is reduced to the observance of simple rules of agricultural technology: watering, loosening and feeding, cleaning of weeds.

seedling method

Gardeners' opinion

Good day! This summer, Maximka planted tomatoes. The variety is characterized by a small height of the bush, you can plant it tightly. The fruits ripen very quickly, in 80 days. The quality of the berries is excellent. Small, but very sweet tomatoes are suitable for fresh consumption and curling. Recommend!

Yaroslav Khanov, 63 years old

requires hardening

Good afternoon! I planted different varieties of tomatoes, I want to highlight the Maximka tomatoes. Very easy to care for, disease resistant and fruitful. The fruits are suitable for canning, pickling, and often add to salads. Stored for a long time, I advise!

Anna Genrikhova, 54 years old

prone to cracking

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