Why cucumber seedlings fall and wither, how to properly care for and water

Among the main reasons why cucumber seedlings wither, improper planting and care, diseases and pest attacks are considered. The grower needs to know the first signs of a problem in order to take action and not lose the seedlings.

Why cucumber seedlings wither and fall

Sometimes vegetable growers are faced with a problem when the cucumber seedlings begin to dry out after sprouting. To answer the question of whether plants can be restored, you need to know the cause of the problem.

  • The main reason why the leaves wither in young shoots at home or in the beds is a lack of light. In this case, the container with seedlings must be rearranged to an open, sunny place. To plant cucumbers with seeds, you need to choose an area where sunlight falls freely.
  • Another reason why cucumbers die is non-compliance with the timing of transplantation to a permanent place. With a late transplant, the bushes become too large and strong, and it is more difficult for them to take root in a new place. Too early transplanting leads to the fact that the immature plant does not resist poorly to adverse environmental factors.
  • Young shoots often die due to improper watering. An excess or lack of moisture leads to the fact that the stem and leaves begin to lose shape.
  • Seedlings are lost due to too dense planting. With good and friendly germination, seedlings begin to feel bad. The sprouts prevent the free flow of light and air, and a deficiency of nutrients develops. Therefore, it is important to maintain a distance during planting.
  • An unbalanced amount of trace elements in the soil can also change the appearance of seedlings in the open field. Excess fertilizer can burn weak roots. As a result, the entire plant may die. Lack of nutrients also leads to wilting of leaves.
  • The planted shoots must be constantly looked after. Cucumber seedlings wither due to the clogging of the beds with other, stronger plants. Therefore, you need to get rid of weeds in time, which often become carriers of infection, shade the beds and impede air circulation.

cucumbers wither

If, after planting seedlings, the bushes in the garden wither and fall, the reason may be due to damage to the roots during transplantation, too late or early planting, low air temperature at night, infection or pest attack. Since cucumbers do not take root well in a new place, many vegetable growers prefer to use sprouted seeds for planting on a site.

The reasons why cucumber seedlings disappear in the greenhouse are almost the same.Additional unfavorable factors for the fact that cucumber seedlings wither in the greenhouse can be rare airing, high humidity and improper temperature conditions. Drafts must not be allowed during ventilation.

planting seedlings

Important recommendations if wilting is observed in cucumber seedlings in the greenhouse. What to do? The room must be regularly ventilated. It is recommended to shade the greenhouse roof during active sun.

Why do cucumber seedlings die, diseases

Another common reason why seedlings can die is infections. Even proper care does not guarantee that cucumbers will undergo fungal diseases. The problem can arise with seedlings, both at home and in the garden. Therefore, it is imperative to know the signs that will help determine that cucumber seedlings are sick. You need to know and what to do when cucumber seedlings die.

are infections

In the event that the temperature regime is not stable or the sprouts are watered with cold water, immunity decreases and a disease such as powdery mildew may appear. On thin stems, the leaves begin to weaken, a white bloom appears. Then the leaves turn yellow and the plant dies. It is important to grow seedlings in warm conditions and water only with settled, warm water. How to treat in case of a problem? Can be treated with Hom, Quadris or Topaz.

Peronosporosis appears as small yellow spots on the leaves, which gradually increase. A gray bloom forms on the inside of the leaf. The leaves of cucumber seedlings wither, dry, and then the whole plant dies completely. The reason may be incorrect irrigation regime, fluctuations in air temperature. To combat the problem, Bordeaux liquid, the drugs Ridomil, Kuproksat and Ordan are used.

fungal diseases

Fusarium begins with rotting of the root system, and then the ground part of the plant begins to dry and rot. Drugs such as Trichodermin, Phytocide can cope with the infection.

Cucumbers are dying due to a disease such as sclerotinosis. At the initial stage, it is characterized by the appearance of fluffy light mold. Then dark spots begin to form and the plant dies. An effective drug Fitosporin M. will help save from death.

sclerotinosis disease

If the leg of young seedlings dries up and turns black, then this can also be a sign of a fungal disease. It is popularly called the Black Leg. The infection spreads very quickly, so you need to start the fight as early as possible. In order not to lose the whole plant, watering should be reduced, it is recommended to mulch, treat the bushes with a solution of potassium permanganate. From the drugs, you can choose Bactofit, Fitosporin, Fitolavin.

An invasion of pests can become the reason why cucumber seedlings can fall and wither. The stem dries up, the leaves curl and turn yellow, spots of various colors appear. On the leaves, most often on the inside, you can find the insects themselves or their larvae. The most common pests of cucumbers is the melon aphid, spider mite, whitefly, sprout fly.

phytosporin and phytolavin

Root rot causes the stem to become thinner at the seedling and leaves appear lethargic. It may break soon. The cause of this fungal disease is watering the beds with cold water, frequent feeding with the same component, an excess of moisture or sudden temperature fluctuations. During the treatment, all errors are corrected, wood ash and sand are sprinkled around the trunk.

Among the drying up sprouts, you need to choose the healthiest ones and transplant them to another place. It is better to take diseased plants away from the garden and burn them. If the fungal disease progresses, then you need to get rid of all the seedlings and, if there is time, plant the seeds again. They must first be disinfected and kept in solutions to enhance immunity.

dry sprouts

How to care for cucumber seedlings

The further growing process depends on proper care of the young seedling. Plants are rarely susceptible to disease, have a strong root system and allow harvesting much earlier. It is imperative to follow all the rules when planting seeds and caring for seedlings.

After the cucumber seeds are planted, the container is covered with foil and removed to a warm place. The first shoots should hatch in about a week. The container is opened and moved to a well-lit place. It is recommended to thin out the seedlings, leaving only strong shoots, the weak ones should be cut off, and not pulled out by the roots.

covered with foil

Growing cucumbers according to all the rules will avoid many unpleasant problems.

  • Cucumbers germinate better and faster in a warm room. The optimum temperature for growing seedlings is considered to be about 21 degrees during the day and 18 degrees at night.
  • There should be enough light, but direct sunlight should be avoided, otherwise the seedlings may dry out. With a lack of light, the sprouts stretch upward and brighten.
  • Planting should be protected from drafts. If cucumbers are grown in a greenhouse, then it is imperative to ventilate the room daily.
  • Be sure to set the watering mode. Water intended for irrigation must be warm. At the bottom of the container where the seedlings grow, there should be drainage holes.
  • 12-14 days after the appearance of the leaves, the first feeding is carried out. A solution based on urea, mullein, chicken droppings is suitable for cucumbers. The next feeding is carried out after 8 days. You can use wood ash.
  • Some vegetable growers carry out a pick in order to gain strength in the root system. The procedure is carried out early, when the first pair of leaves appears. After picking, you can see that the seedlings have withered, but after two days the seedlings are restored. The solution of Epin and Humate restores seedlings faster.
  • Those bushes that have grown strongly are recommended to pinch.
  • A week before transplanting seedlings into the garden, hardening is carried out. Watering is reduced, the air temperature is reduced, it is useful to take seedlings outside for a while.

transplant seedlings

Cucumber bushes do not tolerate transplanting well. It is most convenient to plant in separate peat pots, then the roots will not suffer during transplantation. Watering is stopped three days before the transplant. The soil should dry out and stick to the roots of the plant. A sprout is planted in a previously prepared hole in the garden bed, along with an earthen lump. They are covered with earth, compacted and mulched.

cucumber bushes

How to properly water cucumber seedlings

Cucumbers are very picky about watering. Untimely watering can lead to wilting and drying of the lashes. Therefore, it is so important to properly water the seedlings. Watering should be moderate, no waterlogging of the soil should be allowed, otherwise the seedlings will wither. The water should be warm (about 24 degrees), it is better to collect it in advance so that it settles.

It is better to water the newly appeared seedlings with a spoon so that the earth does not erode and expose the roots. For young shoots, it is useful to use melted or filtered water. Normal water can contain harmful impurities.

water the seedlings

If the cucumbers rose together, and after a week they began to dry out and turn yellow, in most cases this is due to a lack of moisture. Especially the problem arises for those who, instead of watering, spray or water often, but in small portions.

To determine how often to water the beds, you need to take into account the composition of the soil, the temperature and humidity in the room, and the amount of sunlight. The soil should not dry out completely. You can deepen a wooden stick along the edge of the container. The soil should be moist and loose to the touch. The seedlings will need to be watered about twice a week. Seedlings, which are supplemented, are recommended to be watered more often.

climbed together

The basic rule of how to water cucumber seedlings is not only warm water. It is important not to let it get on the leaves. Watering is carried out in the morning, no later than 11 hours.

Exist rules and how to water cucumbers in a greenhouse or greenhouse... Water during watering should not be poured at the root. It is best to leave the soil around the root dry. Greenhouse seedlings are watered between rows.

watering rule

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    I had such a problem due to incorrectly selected fertilizers, I used too much of them, so the seedlings died. Now I use only mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers rarely.

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      The next question will be - what hybrids are you going to grow and when do you plan to start planting? If you have not decided yet, we will help you solve this issue as well. Additional supplementary lighting of plants may also be required, depending on the length of daylight hours.

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        Hello, and maybe they would prompt me remotely, based on photos, my stories, how and what to do, when and how to fertilize, process. I grow Kibriya cucumbers in a homemade greenhouse, and they are so dead, they just give up looking at them.

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