Why rabbits sometimes knock their hind legs and how to eliminate the causes

Behavioral reactions are the manifestation of activity by animals on the action of any environmental factors. To understand why the rabbit is tapping sharply with its hind legs, you need to observe the pet for some time. Only in this way it will be possible to "decipher" the behavior of the rabbit and understand which situations provoke the manifestation of such behavior.

Hazard warning

Some of the annoying factors are loud, incomprehensible sounds, a sudden change in the environment - when the animal feels danger to life. Rabbits can react in this way at different times of the day, in a cage or on a walk. As soon as the animal has a sense of danger, it starts pounding with its paws.

A rabbit can react in a similar way to the mating process, since she is placed in a cage with a male. The female can perceive moving from cage to cage as a dangerous situation, therefore she knocks with her hind legs. If the rabbit shows aggression, it is recommended to return her to her “native” cage and try to mate again after 1-2 days.


The reasons for dissatisfaction or irritation can vary. The owners note that most often pets knock their paws in the following situations:

  • replacing the old cage with a new one;
  • even a small change in the room irritates the animal. After all, he needs to re-adapt to the situation;
  • The pet can be annoyed when it is forcibly pulled out of the cage to clean inside the structure. The best solution is to clean the cage when the pet goes for a walk.

It is believed that the eared are more active in the morning or evening hours. However, if there is a constant source of irritation, the rabbit will bang on its hind legs both during the day and at night.

How does a rabbit express aggression?

With severe irritation, the eared ones begin to behave quite aggressively. Moreover, the reactions in animals may differ. Some individuals bang their hind legs or stomp, jump to the side or run away. In this case, you don't need to chase them.

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To make it easier to restore a sense of security, several cardboard boxes are placed in the room.

An extreme manifestation of aggression - the animal refuses to walk, bites. The best way to calm the eared is to offer him a treat. If the alertness persists, it is best to leave the furry pet alone to give him time to calm down.

two rabbits

Communication with humans and other rabbits

Rabbits often react to situations or stimuli by tapping their hind legs, jumping, and unusual sounds.It is important to correctly "read" the behavior of the pet to help him quickly get used to the new room or teach him to communicate with other animals. You can eliminate aggression or irritation in different ways:

  • place your pet in a quiet and calm place indoors;
  • the construction of a spacious aviary will allow the eared to walk freely at any time of the day;
  • the best communication option is to bend over to the animal, rather than lifting it high to hold it in your arms.

If other rabbits are kept in the apartment, it is important to make sure that the newcomer is not offended when meeting. Also, sometimes the female knocks with her paws when she is planted in the male's cage for mating. To remedy the situation, it is recommended to postpone the mating procedure for several days (or the rabbit is selected another partner).

Bunny rabbits do not often show aggression or irritation. In order to prevent such behavior, you need to know the reasons provoking such reactions. It is also important to be able to correctly eliminate manifestations of fear, aggression, fear.

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