How to quickly and correctly weed potatoes with a trimmer, walk-behind tractor and other devices?

While chemists are developing special poisons to kill weeds in the garden, technicians are also not sitting idly by. Weeding potatoes with a trimmer is a new and effective way to get rid of the hated parasitic plants in a short period of time. Every year, parasitic plants develop resistance to various herbicides. Therefore, a way is required with which you can forget about weeding the crop for several weeks.

How to weed?

At the moment, there are various devices for weeding vegetables. This could be:

  • hoe;
  • hoe;
  • flat cutter;
  • cultivator.

A modern person does not want to waste time and comes up with newer devices for the shelf. These include a walk-behind tractor. Facilitates work several times. This will be especially noted by the person who planted root crops under a shovel.

weed properly


A special device designed for soil cultivation. Weeding potatoes with a walk-behind tractor is carried out using paws or a weeding machine. The paws are most commonly used. They are fixed on holders, adjusting to the size of the row spacing.

They should overlap a little. When attaching the legs, it is necessary to place them so that one is in front of the other. This placement prevents cut plants from clogging the tool. Experienced professionals know how to make them at home.

intended for processing

The paws are a special device for weeding. They can be one-sided, two-sided and lancet. Depending on the installation, it processes a row from one or two sides. With the help of a walk-behind tractor, weeding potatoes is easy, since the device is characterized by high productivity.

As a rule, walk-behind tractors are used in farms.

double-sided and lancet


Growing potatoes is a laborious process that requires time and effort. Weeding potatoes is one of the important stages of growing. To facilitate the process of removing weeds, a cultivator is used. The device can be manual, electric, and also equipped with a gasoline engine.

You can also manually remove parasitic plants from the garden. This is a real find for elderly gardeners who suffer from arthrosis. For weeding potatoes, the tool is bought in a store or made by hand. The cultivator removes the plants along with the root system.

laborious process

The technique of use is as follows. The tool is screwed into the soil completely, the entire length of the teeth should go into the ground. Then, in one motion, they lift it up along with the torn weed. Most suitable for processing row spacings.

Types of cultivator attachments

To cultivate the beds, cultivators equipped with a pair of knives are most often used. They are located at an angle of 45 degrees to each other. Not a single plant and device, which, instead of knives, are equipped with small forks with teeth, are not allowed through. To control such a tool was easier, wheels are installed to them.

cultivator attachments

The farmer pushes him, pressing down on the soil. Thus, labor productivity increases.

Weeding potatoes with hedgehogs is a convenient way to get rid of parasitic plants and at the same time spud the garden. Potato hedgehogs are a structure made of two cones. Both cones have 3 wheels, the material of which is metal. They all differ in size, since they have different diameters to facilitate work.

Sharp spikes are welded onto metal wheels. Before work, hedgehogs for weeding potatoes are put on the frame of the cultivator. As the wheel rotates, the thorns pull out the weeds and huddle the beds. The use of hedgehogs in this case increases labor productivity.

the farmer pushes

This device was also improved by equipping it with a motor. After that, it became even more convenient to use a motor-cultivator. It makes it easier to process the crop. The use of the motor allows the mini-device to facilitate work in the garden.

Hand tools

In small areas, it is more convenient to use homemade tools. It can be a hoe, hoe, or flat cutter. The most common are hoes and hoes. It makes no sense to buy expensive equipment to process 2 acres of land. Simple implements differ in shape, which affects the weed removal process.

hand tools

Weeding several beds is best done with a hoe. It is lightweight, therefore easy to use. In the summer season, you can wield a hoe. There are several types. Most gardeners prefer two-horned models.

If a person wants to spend less physical effort in the garden, a manual flat cutter can be used. Has a simple design, but effectively removes wild plants. It is very easy to weed a garden with such a device. A person has the ability to change the angle of inclination at his own discretion.

easy to use

With a trimmer

There is another option for quickly getting rid of parasite plants - this is a potato trimmer. It is a scythe equipped with a motor. A special nozzle is provided for removing weeds. How to weed potatoes:

weeding trimmer

  1. Before starting work, you need to wear safety glasses and, if possible, a respirator. This will save a person from dust and small blades of grass.
  2. The shelf should be carried out once a week. The small plant does not yet have time to root properly, so it is easier to get rid of it.
  3. Do not press down on the trimmer during operation, as the motor may overheat.
  4. After use, the attachment is disinfected to kill infectious agents.

Not every summer resident knows how to weed potatoes correctly, but it's very simple. In order not to give any chance for the weeds to take root, you should choose the right weeding tool. This moment depends on the size of the site and the method of planting.

should take root

How often is it done?

It is not enough to know how to weed potatoes quickly. It is important to understand when it is best to do this, and whether it is possible to do such work during flowering. The shelf is made only twice per season.

The first time weeds are removed one month after planting the crop. The second is when the bushes reach 20–25 cm in height. In this case, weeding is combined with hilling. Many people are interested in whether it is allowed to weed potatoes during flowering.

remove weeds

The second is carried out a few days before the flowers appear. Why do that? As soon as the flowers appeared, this indicates that the bush has already formed and the culture does not need such care.This period usually falls in mid-July.


Any device can be suitable for weeding potatoes with your own hands. They buy it in a specialized store or make it yourself. These can be hand tools that the person himself made from improvised means. If people have the opportunity, they can use a cultivator.

do it yourself

In any case, any device will do if it is efficient and comfortable for a person to work with. Another important point - weed the beds with root crops on time and wild plants will become rare guests in the garden.

beds with root vegetables

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