Instructions for the use of herbicide Ankor 85, mechanism of action and consumption rates

Pesticides are widely used not only in agriculture, but also in other industries. The complete destruction of all vegetation in the treated area can be achieved with the help of the Ankor 85 herbicide. It belongs to continuous-action preparations capable of penetrating the plant and infecting it from the inside. In order to avoid mistakes in working with a chemical, it is necessary to read the instructions for use and know the features of its use.

Active ingredients, release form and purpose of the herbicide

The main substance that has a detrimental effect on vegetation in the composition of the Ankor 85 herbicide is methyl sulfometuron (or potassium salt). Its concentration is 750 grams per 1 kilogram of the drug. Release form - granules that can dissolve in water and form a homogeneous suspension. They are packaged in plastic jars of 150 grams or bags of 60 and 120 grams.

Herbicide "Ankor 85" is designed to destroy all unnecessary vegetation, trees, shrubs at a number of objects:

  • energy routes;
  • embankments;
  • roadsides;
  • border strips;
  • wastelands;
  • airfields;
  • power plants;
  • railway tracks.

The pesticide can be used on cedar plantations, since it does not harm it even at maximum concentration.

For the destruction of Sosnovsky hogweed, hemp, bitterness and poppy, special regulations have been developed for use.

herbicide Ankor 85

How does Ankor-85 work?

The herbicide "Ankor 85" is highly effective and provides protection from weeds for two years after treatment. It enters the plant through the leaves, through the roots. For a long time, the pesticide is able to persist in the soil and prevent the growth of weeds, shrubs and trees (willow, birch, maple).

Spraying can be carried out from early spring to the appearance of snow cover. The multiplicity can be 1 every two years.

Application advantages

The main advantages of the Ankor 85 herbicide include:

  • low consumption of working solution;
  • high efficiency against weeds of any kind;
  • the possibility of destroying shrubs and trees;
  • the drug acts both through the leaves and through the roots of the treated plants;
  • the ability to destroy weeds in the soil, before germination;
  • duration of action (up to two years);
  • the ability to create tank mixes;
  • low toxicity to birds, fish, bees, microorganisms;
  • drug resistance to precipitation;
  • low cost.

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How to properly prepare a working product

To prepare the working solution, it is necessary to perform a number of sequential operations:

  1. In a special ceramic or enamel dish, a mother liquor is made by measuring the required amount of the drug.
  2. Water is poured into the sprayer tank through a filter so that no foreign particles get there.
  3. The mother liquor is poured in with constant stirring of the liquid.
  4. Add water to full volume.
  5. The solution is stirred for 5-7 minutes.
  6. The container where the mother liquor was prepared is washed several times with clean water and poured into the sprayer tank.

The solution is prepared on the day of work and used in its entirety. At the end, the sprayer is washed with clean water for 10 minutes and emptied by irrigating the treated area.

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Instructions for use: dosages and number of treatments

The prepared working substance is used to treat the apple tree trunks in spring, during the growing season of weeds until they reach a height of 30 cm. The consumption of the Ankor 85 preparation is 0.12-0.24 kilograms per hectare.

Non-agricultural land is cultivated at any time - from spring to the first frost. 1 hectare of cultivated area requires 0.12-0.35 kilograms of Ankor 85 herbicide per 1 hectare of area.

Weeding of pine and spruce plantings (at the age of coniferous trees at least 5 years) is carried out from spring to late autumn with a drug consumption of 0.15-0.2 kilograms per hectare of plantings.

field processing

The working substance is consumed in the amount of 100-300 liters per 1 hectare (depending on the type and size of weeds, soil and climatic conditions). The most effective chemical agent at a height of weeds up to 20 cm. The herbicide "Ankor 85" is resistant to precipitation. The effectiveness of the process is not affected by rain if it has passed an hour after spraying.

Safety engineering

A number of safety requirements should be followed to minimize the hazard from pesticide use:

  • you can go to the treated areas no earlier than 3 days after spraying;
  • use personal protective equipment when working with the Ankor 85 herbicide;
  • not to involve children, pregnant and lactating women, patients with contraindications in working with chemicals;
  • do not enter living quarters wearing used clothes;
  • do not drink, eat, smoke or remove protective clothing until the end of the treatment;
  • do not leave the working solution of the herbicide unattended;
  • when processing by several people in relation to each other, they should not be on the leeward side.

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Drug toxicity

The herbicide "Ankor 85" belongs to the third class of danger to bees and humans. Airborne treatment with the drug is allowed, but the sanitary zone should be observed near reservoirs and sources of drinking water. Residents of nearby houses and apiary owners are warned about spraying in advance.

First aid measures

If the worker is injured during processing, it is necessary to provide him with first aid:

  1. Wash affected area with plenty of soap and water after contact with skin.
  2. If the substance gets into the eyes, rinse them under running water for 15 minutes.
  3. Take the person out into the air, loosen the belt, belt, buttons if the herbicide gets into the respiratory tract.
  4. If swallowed, you must drink activated charcoal (about 10 tablets) with 3 glasses of water.
  5. Call a doctor or take the victim to a hospital.

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Compatibility with other pesticides

Ankor 85 herbicide is effective when mixed with preparations based on glyphosate, imazapyr, and chlorsulfuron. Drug compatibility is checked using a test.In the tank mix, the properties of the Ankor 85 herbicide are enhanced, and the treatment becomes more effective.

Storage rules

The herbicide "Ankor 85" must be stored in special warehouses, away from animal feed and food. The drug has a long shelf life - up to 5 years. The pesticide does not freeze at subzero temperatures, therefore it retains its properties in the range from -30 ⁰С to +40 ⁰С.

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Herbicide analogs

There are no preparations with a similar possibility of chemical weeding in the plantings of spruces, pines, cedars.

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