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Nickerson-Zwaan, a Dutch company, has been the leader in the planting material market for many years due to the quality of its products. Thousands of gardeners and farms became convinced of the professionalism of breeders and the quality of planting material. The seeds have the maximum germination capacity, give healthy plants, the harvest invariably pleases with minimal effort. The question often arises - what is the secret of the success of Dutch breeders?

History and traditions of the company

In just a few years, Nickerson-Zwaan will celebrate its centenary, because it was created back in 1925. During this time, there have been changes, but the popularity and reputation remain unchanged. Despite the Dutch origin, research stations are located on all continents, which allows you to determine which varieties to grow in harsh conditions, and which plants are suitable for a warm climate.

Agrofirm Nickerson-Zwaan

At first, the company was small, with a staff of breeders growing varieties only for Dutch farms. Three dozen vegetable samples were selected for an agricultural exhibition in America. The achievements of Nickerson-Zwaan employees were appreciated with awards, seeds were sold by farmers from different countries in incredible quantities.

The work of breeders was quickly appreciated due to the characteristics:

thanks to the characteristics

  • seed material of excellent quality;
  • similarity up to 100%;
  • varieties of vegetables with good taste and no special requirements;
  • growth and fruiting of plants without additional stimulants and the use of fertilizers;
  • the regular appearance of new products with special qualities;
  • breeding of hybrids that differ in yield.

Over time, the company began to increase its staff, open new breeding stations. It is a good tradition of Nickerson-Zwaan - each of the varieties is checked for quality not only at stations, but also on farms that work closely with the company. Only after the approval of the hatched crop by the farmers, the seed material goes on sale.

special requirements

Breeding work

A feature of the breeding work of Nickerson Zwaan is the breeding of hybrid varieties. Vegetables are undemanding to climatic conditions, are able to grow and bear fruit even in harsh Siberia, differ in survival rate. It is recommended to grow vegetables outdoors and in greenhouse conditions.

The work of breeders combines the power of the genetic fund of each plant, knowledge of the climatic characteristics of each region.Private gardeners and owners of large farms specializing in the cultivation of vegetable crops have long been convinced that the company works only in their interests, providing every year new products that differ in yield and taste.

hybrid varieties

Wide range of products

Among the range of products provided by Nickerson Zwaan, even a capricious gardener can find the right variety. The cultures of the Cabbage and Pumpkin families are popular. Farmers who grow products for sale in greenhouses often purchase planting material for such vegetables and greens:

  • onion on a feather;
  • spring and winter onions;
  • radish;
  • different types of salads.

A wide range of

Watermelons are also very popular - hybrid varieties bear fruit generously even in regions with a cool climate, the first striped giants appear 3-4 months after planting.

Various varieties of carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes have also gained fans among gardeners and farmers. Crops differ in fruit size, versatility (used in conservation, fresh, are processed).

among gardeners

Quality control

Before presenting new varieties to admirers, the company's breeders carry out 3-5 stages of verification, which allows you to have no doubt about the quality of the planting material. The first tests are carried out at stations, after which vegetable crops are tested in the regions, in the fields owned by the company.

Only after that, the products become available to buyers, each new variety has a quality certificate.

The peculiarity of the planting material offered by Nickerson-Zwaan is that in addition to the assortment and confirmation of the characteristics with quality certificates, the germination rate of seeds is 100%. Thousands of gardeners have already convinced of this - seed material does not require stimulants and additional training. Growing seedlings on window sills or in greenhouses, sending seeds to open ground ends in the same way - powerful healthy bushes, giving generous fruits.

company breeders

Nickerson Zwaan is a company tested by vegetable growers around the world. Even in the most remote corners of the world, seed material from Dutch breeders is widely used to grow vegetables, whether in large fields or in tiny patches of the vegetable garden.

inspection by growers

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