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Rating, description and reviews of the manufacturer, agricultural firm

Agricultural products are in stable demand among the population. Many companies use new ideas and developments in milk production. The popular agricultural firm Land O'lakes is no exception, it cares about the quality of the supplied products.

Company development history

The agricultural holding first opened in 1921 in the picturesque state of Minnesota. This year, 320 farmers came together to form an agricultural cooperative in Saint Paul.

In 1978, the agrofirm was part of the Spencer meat-processing enterprise.

Agrofirm Land O'lakes

In 1999, the management of the agricultural holding managed to acquire a stake in the MoArk poultry farm, and in 2006 the company became its full property.

In 2012, the company acquires the Kozy Shack frozen dessert line.

Now this largest agricultural holding produces milk and dairy products, and is actively developing its agricultural business under the popular brand Winfield Solutions. The agricultural holding includes 3,200 agrarians, 1,000 farmers' associations, which include about 300,000 farms.

company development


The agrofirm specializes in obtaining milk and dairy products. The total production capacity is 5.9 million tons per year. The market is widely known for: a line of dry low-fat cheeses, including the popular Parmesan and Romano varieties, a wide range of milk powders, popular butter, seasonings, light sour cream.

In addition to the dairy business, the agricultural holding sells crop products, high-quality and safe food for Purina animals.

The first will be produced by agricultural firms - Land O'lakes butter, which is currently being produced, which is why the name of the agricultural holding is often confused with the original name of the product. The agrofirm is also engaged in the development of means for protecting annuals from pests, and provides services for the development of an agricultural business. The product line includes fresh selected eggs, quality margarine, ready-made whipped cream. The Cheddeas line of cheese powders is designed for a wide range of consumers.

getting milk


Many novice farmers choose to cooperate with an agricultural firm due to the following advantages:

  1. 37 years of continuous research.
  2. Reliable developing partner.
  3. The opportunity to participate in grants and receive support from the cooperative.
  4. Introduction of modern equipment.
  5. Milk production does not harm the environment.
  6. Safe products for animals.
  7. Delivering quality crop products through sustainable use of the environment.
  8. Comfortable business environment.

cooperation with an agricultural firm

Production quality control

The agrofirm is constantly developing in the biotechnological segment related to increasing milk production rates, as well as the production of animal feed. The corporation conducts careful control, sorting and certification of the dairy product, which has ensured an increase in the quality of raw materials. The reliability of the rating system ensures product safety and flavor profile.

taste characteristics

Merits and awards

In 2006, the company implemented an agricultural marketing project in Ukraine.

Thanks to the sponsorship provided, 45 farmers' cooperatives have reduced the cost of purchasing equipment without increasing the average cost of the final product. For 4 years of work on the launched project, farmers have increased their production capacity by 3-4 times.

In terms of milk production and annual turnover, Land O'lakes agrarian corporation ranks 13th in the rating of world companies. In 2014, they achieved a record sales figure of $ 266 million.

agricultural marketing

In order to expand in 2017, the agricultural holding acquires the Vermont Creamery production base for the production of cheeses based on natural goat milk.

In order to improve the salesability of the product, the agricultural holding re-branded the corporate symbols of the products without changing the appearance and shape of the packages. The agricultural holding has achieved outstanding results in the production of butter, frozen semi-finished products and popular public catering products.

The current oil sales volumes increased by 9%, which indicates the demand for the Land O'Lakes product. The production capacity of frozen desserts Kozy Shack showed an increase of 6%.

oil production

All these achievements indicate stability and gradual growth of the agricultural holding. The management of the agricultural firm is constantly expanding international relations, introducing modern products and new services aimed at increasing the productivity of farms, constantly expanding its investment portfolio and promising support for novice farmers.

farm productivity

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