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Rating, description and reviews of the manufacturer agrofirm

Seeds from Hem Genetics are a guarantee of the quality of the grown flowers. The agricultural firm supplies the market with only proven planting material.

Gardeners get lost in front of a variety of bags in stores. The shelves beckon with bright colors. All growers promise excellent seedlings with a minimum of maintenance.

Agrofirm hem genetics

Reality is often disappointing. Gardeners strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations. And something unintelligible grows.

Poor germination of seeds happens. Summer residents expect to plant a certain area. There are not enough seedlings. Time has passed. There are bald spots on the flower beds.

Gardeners want to save themselves from disappointment and purchase goods from a reliable manufacturer. This is Hem Genetics.

manufacturer's recommendations

An excursion into history

Hem Zaden was founded in March 1918. It was a family business and was headed by the grandfather of the current chairman of the company, Jan Singer Dzn.

The First World War showed people's interest in growing flowers and vegetables. After its completion, there was a huge demand for quality seeds. Jan Singer Dzn decided to find the missing assets to develop production.

He went to Germany. There were centers for the production of vegetable seeds. Especially there were a lot of various proposals in Erfurt. Here he founded the Hem Zaden company.

company founded

But a year later, it was decided to move the company to Holland. The reason is the large market capacity and low competition.

During the Second World War, the production of vegetable seeds was discontinued. The work was carried out only to meet the needs of the local population. But since 1945, the demand for seeds has started to grow again. After the end of the war, exports to the UK and Scandinavia began.

Gradually, Hem Zaden became specialized in the production of flower seeds. The management uses advanced technologies to create new varieties and hybrids. In April 1998, Hem Genetics was established.

was terminated

Achievements in breeding

The company's management constantly monitors the development trends of the flower market. In recent decades, end consumers have preferred to purchase seedlings over seed bags. Hem Genetics has focused on working with seedling growers. They make wholesale purchases and supply the gardeners with beautiful annuals.

Hem Genetics provides professional seedling growers with high quality seed material. Breeders create new varieties and hybrids of plants with improved characteristics.

constantly monitors

Breeders keep their finger on the pulse of the development of truck farming. They constantly release new items that are interesting for summer residents.Any gardener can buy seedlings grown from Hem Genetics seeds and decorate the plot to their liking.

The creation of petunias, salvias and pelargoniums brought particular success. These plants are decorative for a long time and are resistant to diseases.

The company's agronomists have created dwarf flower hybrids. They are the only ones in the world that do not require the use of growth regulators. Lower costs lead to lower costs and higher profits.

gardening development

Hem Genetics is committed to sustainable technology. The agrofirm has made a significant contribution to the development of flower growing technology.

Wide range of companies

Hem Genetics publishes digital catalogs. They feature favorite varieties of gardeners and new items. The latter are marked with a special icon - NEW.

The catalog contains color photographs. A ruler must be attached to evaluate large-flowered or tall plants.

clean technologies

Photos were taken by professionals. According to them, the consumer can judge the decoration of the site. Ground covers and tall flowers are presented. Landscape designers will make a unique composition of them.

Hem Genetics does not work with retail clients: the catalog does not contain descriptions or prices. Wholesale buyers send a request and receive a catalog with prices... But an ordinary gardener should go to the official website of the company and examine the range. The purchase can be made at a reputable garden center that works with this manufacturer.

decorating the site

Advantages over other breeding companies

Hem Genetics compares favorably with other seed producers. Noteworthy:

  • almost 100% germination;
  • extended shelf life;
  • protection of the material from moisture (the material is placed in tight bags);
  • soil control of seeds;
  • treatment with protective drugs;
  • constantly updated assortment;
  • annual testing of the sold material;
  • taking into account the climatic features of the supply regions.

breeding companies

Analysis of the market of seed producers showed similar product characteristics of other companies. But only this manufacturer connected everything.

Awards and merit

The agrofirm actively participates in international and regional exhibitions, presents its products for competitions. Result - receiving prestigious awards:

other companies

  • International Seed Industry Associations for Professionals (Fleuroselect and All America Selections) commended the company;
  • winners in various nominations are petunias Limbo and Mambo, Salvia Raddy, Pelargonium Nano.

When buying seedlings of flowers, gardeners should give preference to producers working with the company.

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