Is it possible to sow basil before winter and how to care for it

Many gardeners practice basil planting before winter. But in this case, the spice is grown not in the garden plot, but at home. Basil is a tropical herb that loves grooming. Therefore, planting seeds is only a small part of the growing process.

Can basil be planted before winter?

Of course, growing a crop in winter is possible. But to get a good harvest, it is important to properly prepare the seeds for sowing. In order for essential oils to leave the grains, they are soaked in water for several hours. This is because essential oils inhibit seed germination.

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Note! Since the day is short in winter, growing the crop requires additional lighting. To do this, a lamp is placed near the container every evening.

Winter varieties

There are several varieties of basil for winter cultivation:

day is short

  1. Marquis. A cold-resistant variety that matures in about 40 days. The plant is characterized by a strong stem and a height of 20–25 cm. The leaves of this variety are small and smooth, with a bright green color. One plant weighs about 150 grams. Marquis has a pronounced clove-peppery aroma. The variety can be grown in the open field under a film cover, but subject to the absence of frost. Otherwise, culture will not rise.
  2. Small-leaved. A mid-season variety characterized by narrow, small leaves. The culture has a sweetish taste with a subtle tart taste.
  3. Clove. The variety is characterized by a strong aroma and a pronounced clove-anise flavor. The culture matures on average 40 days. The plant grows up to 40 cm, characterized by large leaves with wrinkled and serrated edges.

the plant weighs

Preparing the container and soil for planting

The best thing basil grows in ready-made mixtures that can be purchased in specialized stores. If land from the garden is used for planting, it is preliminarily fertilized with mineral agents.

In the containers where the culture will be grown, small holes are made in the bottom, after which a drainage layer is laid out using expanded clay or pebbles. Its presence is necessary to remove excess moisture from the container.

soil for planting

There is another effective way to prepare the soil for basil. It is calcined in an oven at a temperature of 80-90 degrees. This will disinfect the soil and get a good yield.

Winter landing rules

Before sowing seeds, they are soaked in water for several hours, after which they are planted in containers with moistened soil. The distance between the seeds should be at least 7 cm, the planting depth should be 1 cm.After disembarkation, the containers are covered with cling film and removed to a place where there is no direct sunlight. At the same time, the air temperature should not be lower than 23 degrees. When the sprouts sprout, they are transplanted.

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Care features

Basil loves light. Lighting is required at least 12 hours a day. Since the winter days are short, it is important to provide the plants with additional lighting. The lamps are hung directly above the plant containers. It is also important to remember that the lack of heat is detrimental to the greenery.

To get a good harvest, the temperature in the room where the basil is grown should be at least 20 degrees.

Since the indoor air is usually dry in winter, the crop needs not only watering, but also regular spraying of the leaves from a spray bottle. Water the culture in the morning with exclusively settled water. After the appearance of the first leaves, the tops of the basil are pinched, this promotes the growth of the bushes in breadth, and not upward.

loves light

Growing in a greenhouse

Many gardeners prefer greenhouse basil cultivation. At the same time, greenhouses should be well heated. One wall in them is made deaf, this increases the temperature inside the room, which helps to save on heating. A more economical option for covering the greenhouse is a double layer of plastic film. To maintain the optimal temperature for basil in the room, gardeners use rotted manure and straw.

Initially, biofuel is laid out under a film, and after a few days it is determined on the beds and sprinkled on top of the soil prepared for sowing.

Rooms are heated with ovens or electric stoves. The soil for the culture should be loose and light. Before planting, it is fertilized with rotted manure. 10-15 days after planting the seeds, it is fed with urea or droppings.

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Greenhouse basil is grown in two ways:

  1. From seedlings.
  2. Sowing seeds.

In the second case, the seeds are pre-sown in light soil. After 2 leaves appear on the plants, a pick is made. The distance between plants should not be less than 5 cm, this is the only way they can develop normally. After 30-40 days, the seedlings are transplanted into the greenhouse. Shallow grooves are made under it, which are at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Every week, the beds need abundant watering with settled water.


Since basil is a thermophilic culture, it is important to maintain the air temperature in the greenhouse, it should be at least 22 degrees. It is important to remember that the plant does not need excessive heat either, so the greenhouses are ventilated from time to time.

What to do in the spring?

Harvesting basil is pretty simple. The leafy part and the tops of the stem are carefully cut with a knife or scissors. It is important to harvest the plants before flowering, since during this period their leaves contain the maximum concentration of essential oils.

stem apex

Greens can be eaten fresh or dried. In the second case, the plants are stored in a warm room. It is optimal if it is an attic, where the air temperature is at least 25 degrees. Can dry basil and in the oven, but it is important not to overdo it with the temperature, otherwise the plant will lose its beneficial properties. After the procedure, the stems and leaves of the greenery should break easily. Dried and crushed basil is placed in a glass jar, covered with a lid and stored in a dark, dry place.

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